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    || G E N E R A L ||
    -Batchaser (current)

    Meaning of Name:
    Bat // named after a bat for his fur color
    -chaser // for his excellent hunting skills



    26 moons

    Solid black tom with blue eyes, a nicked ear, and a dead left paw. Average height with a long, winding tail and sharp fangs.

    Batchaser is a cat most don't want to affiliate themselves with. He's cocky, stubborn, sarcastic, and cold. He never lets things go, and usually wins at many arguments because of this. Batchaser has a good memory, and his intelligence can surprise those who think badly of him. He stays strong and loyal to his beliefs, too. Batchaser can hold a grudge longer than any cat you've seen, and doesn't forgive easy. He doesn't care if he hurts cats with his words or claws, and he's completely immune to loneliness and insults. In fact, he'd rather live in solitude than with others. Despite this, he is a very determined tom and is quite protective over those he knows. Even if he seems cowardly, he would immediately put his life at risk for his friends. Batchaser will take risks without a second thought and will become more open and friendlier to close cats. This is quite rare, though.


    Fighting | Hunting | Tree-Climbing


    Fishing | Healing

    Being alone and leading patrols or groups.

    Being controlled or feeling trapped.


    Asthenophobia // fear of weakness.




    Theme Song:

    Where Is My Mind? by Pixies


    Relationship Key:
    Stranger | ?
    Dislikes | ø
    Hates | øø
    Despises | øøø
    Acquaintance | o
    Friend | oo
    Best Friend | ooo
    Conflicted Feelings | ☆
    Crush | ♡
    Mate | ♥♥
    Loves as Kin | ★★
    Deceased | ✦
    Former Friend | ✘
    Former Mate | ❢

    || F A M I L Y ||

    || B L O O D ||

    MotherFinchcall | ★★✦
    FatherCedartuft | øøø✦
    Brother(s) — None.
    Sister(s)Aspenpaw | ★★✦
    Offspring — None.
    Grandfather(s)Unknown | ?
    Grandmother(s)Unknown | ?
    Aunt(s)Unknown | ?
    Uncle(s)Unknown | ?
    Cousin(s)Unknown | ?

    || R E L A T O N S H I P ||
    Sunstar of DriftClan | ooo♡
    Lynxbite of DriftClan | øø❢✦

    Vixenfire of DriftClan | ooo
    Fallenmist of DriftClan | oo
    Raintail of DriftClan | o

    Stormstar of EclipseClan | ø

    || S E X U A L ||
    Crush — Sunstar.
    Mate — Lynxbite (formerly), None.

    For love, looking for . . .
    A Long-Lasting Relationship
    Just A Quick Fling
    Unsure — ✘

    In a partner, looking for . . .
    Looking For — Someone that will calm his fire.

    Turn Ons — Strong yet collected cats.
    Turn Offs — Angry, snappy, and cruel cats.

    || H I S T O R Y ||

    prior to birth
    Cedartuft of DriftClan and Finchcall of EclipseClan were two lonesome warriors who met during a gathering one night. After immediately hitting it off, they began to secretly meet on their border and soon found they both loved each other equally. When Finchcall found out she was pregnant with kits, she begged Cedartuft to let her join DriftClan--wary of his reputation, Cedartuft reluctantly agreed. His fears came to life when most of the Clan shunned he and his mate, which caused a rift of tension between Cedar and Finch. Eventually, Finchcall gave birth to two healthy kittens--Batkit, a pure black tom with blue eyes, and Aspenkit, a pure black she-cat with amber eyes.

    Batkit and Aspenkit grew up in a heavily sheltered nursery. They began to be allowed to leave the den after three moons, and immediately started pulling pranks when they could truly breathe fresh air. Aspenkit usually led their shenanigans, and Batkit was a close follower to her ideas. Aspenkit was often clawed by Cedartuft because of her mischievous behavior. The two, unaware of their half-Clan ties, were looked down upon by many Clanmates. After they were both held back, their father became increasingly abusive, which led to a very heavy family tension.

    six - twelve moons
    Batkit and Aspenkit were eventually named apprentices after two late moons. Batpaw was given Bearmask as a mentor, while Aspenpaw was given Pinestorm as a mentor. Lynxpaw and Gatorpaw were also apprentices alongside them.

    Life was normal during the first moon until Aspenpaw started to push Batpaw away. Hurt and confused, he began to take his anger out on her, trying to beg and force her to tell him what was wrong. Batpaw eventually tried to focus on his apprenticeship rather than Aspenpaw, struggling to gain the trust of Bearmask. After another two moons, he became increasingly worried for his sister's mental and physical health. After a fight between the siblings, Aspenpaw revealing their parents' pasts, she committed suicide.

    Batpaw became very closed off after this incident. He came to be a punching bag for Cedartuft, while Finchcall deteriorated in health. After his mother died, Batpaw lashed out at any cat that even attempted to speak to him, often yelling at the skies for some type of confirmation that his life would turn out better. When his cries to the lonesome nights weren't answered, Batpaw lost faith in LightClan.

    Batpaw was eventually announced as a warrior--his new name was Batchaser. He was seen as a very cold and unfriendly tom, and his sharp tongue and verbally abusive statements didn't help. When his father died of old age, Batchaser closed every Clanmate off completely. Lynxbite, who had been a fellow apprentice beside him, tried to see through his mask and push herself into his life. Batchaser wasn't fond of the idea, but allowed the she-cat through his mental barriers. She saw who he really was, and Batchaser grew quite fond of her. They became mates soon after.

    Batchaser was happy with his new relationship for several moons. He, however, began to lose faith when Lynxbite started to take her own struggles out on him. He was scratched several times, which brought him flashbacks to his apprenticeship. Batchaser was shocked to find out she was expecting his kits, and grew increasingly angrier with her and his life. After failing to hurl himself off a cliff, he argued with Lynxbite until they split as a couple. She stalked down the mountain and was killed after being carried off by a hawk. Knowing he'd lost his mate and kits, Batchaser grew heavily depressed and suicidal. He was able to make it through and met Sunshower, who became his best friend and love interest. Here he is now, and even while he deals with his past emotions, he's been able to grow into a better Clanmate and a better cat overall...

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