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Battle of the Month Info [BOTM]

Discussion in 'Battle of the Month' started by Kaat, Jan 17, 2016.

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  1. Kaat

    Kaat Retired Retired

    Hello, Kat here! 

    I'm starting a new thing, thanks to the help of Jeho and Wynter, in Console Games. This will explain the forum's purpose and general idea.

    Battle of the Month is located in Console Games, of course. (Here.) At the very top; so it's not hard to miss. Every month a new "battle" or vote/poll will be posted there. It will alternate between Playstation (PS is this month.), Xbox, Mobile, and Nintendo. Two games will be selected and YOU get to vote which one is the best! 

    These games have not be released yet, so the idea is deciding which one will be the best once it releases, based on several sources and pictures. You only get to vote once, so it's a fair judge. 

    This is simply to see peoples' opinions on these new, awesome games that are being released in 2016! 

    Hope to see you at the arena! c:

    (This is posted in Console and Announcements.)
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