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Discussion in 'Xbox' started by digger_8504, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. digger_8504

    digger_8504 New Member

    (I know, this can go in the Playstation subforums, but I played it on Xbox, so deal with it. It could also go under PC, but thats beside the  point)

    Battlefield. its come a long way. The earliest Battlefield I have played was Battlefield 1942. It had its funny moments, a boat on land, getting stuck on random trees, but it was a fun experience.

    Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 are both amazing. I loved the second so much i bought the first. (hey, buy them when they are on sale :p ). The 2nd had a great story, had its funny qoutes, and BOTH games had Sweetwater with his Mile-thick glasses.

    As for the newer battlefields, i have never played. What are they like? Good story? Gameplay?
  2. Stormkrasher

    Stormkrasher Well-Known Member

    From all reports that have breached about them...Battlefield 4's planned DLCs are apparently being postponed for a bit to try and fix the netcoding and other problems that gamers are reporting. And as usual...PC gaming for it trumps console BF4 by far extremes

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