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Birm's Building Requests!

Discussion in 'Corvus' started by Birmanista, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    Hi everyone! I return yet again with a weird idea of mine!

    So I was kind of flying around Corvus, building and such, when the idea of "What if I had a thread where people could send in requests of things they would like me to build for them, similar to how people have drawing requests?" And here I am.

    So, this is how it'll work.

    1. You'll need to provide a plot for me to work on. I apologize, but I don't have infinite plots and I have my own projects on Corvus too.
    2. You need to copy/paste the forum below and fill it out into a reply to this thread and send it. I'll try to get back as soon as possible.
    3. There will be no set date for the build to be finished. I'm not a speed builder, nor do I want the final product to be an effortless whatever. I put time and effort into every build I make, so depending on the grandeur of the thing it'll either take a day or two, to a week, to even a couple months.
    4. If you have a reference image, try to get it to me through Skype, because it'd clutter up the replies, y'know? If you don't have an account and/or don't have my Skype, see if you can PM it to me via forums.
    5. If you want me to work on the plot as much as possible, you're gonna need to do /plot trust so I can work on it while you're not on Corvus at that time.

    Here's the form:


    Type of Build (House, Rebuild, etc.) :

    Amount of Plots (1-4):

    Description of Build:

    Any Reference Images?:

    Measurements (in blocks, if you have it. Use .5 for slabs, if used):

    Anything else you want to add in?:

    And here's an example of a filled out form, with a little example picture of my work. (This is the Naga Courtyard, featured in the mod Twilight Forest and I decided to rebuild it. I later deleted the plot in a plot clearing frenzy.)

    Type of Build:
    Amount of Plots (1-4):
    Description of Build:
    A large courtyard with stone bricks as walls, stone slabs in the ground, and several stone brick and stone slab pillars sticking up in the air. Looks run down, with vegetation growing on the wall and the pillars, as well as long grass.
    Any Reference Images?:
    Yes (like 7) but I'm not putting them here because it'd make it longer than need be. Just google a picture.
    Measurements (in blocks, if you have it):
    wall is 94 x 94 x 3.5. Pillars are 3 x 3 x 8.
    Anything else you want to add in?:

    And here's the finished product for those who are curious to see how much detail I put into my work:
    Naga Courtyard.png

    If you have any questions, let me know.


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