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Birm's Re-Introduction to End All of Her Introductions

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Birmanista, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    I feel like that after around 7 months of not being here or briefly appearing, I should make a new introduction (even after the countless other ones I made,,, woops) because I feel as if I'm making a comeback, which is great! Because I love MyFallen!

    So, I go by Birm most of the time here, but technically y'all can call me Lynn too (based off of my real name,, Aislynn,, hint if you've never heard the pronunciation before (because this has happened numerous times): it does not sound like Ashlyn). I'm 16 as of November 27th, I go by she/her, and I've lived in Rhode Island all my life, which means I love coffee milk as many of you probably know by now (I'm drinking one .

    Despite my New England "heritage" so to speak, I'm not that big of a sports fan. Sure, I'll watch a couple games, maybe an Olympic or two, but there are tons of bigger sports fans in this tiny state than me.

    I play, or have played, several instruments. My best are definitely the saxophone (which I gave up last year for now) and the guitar/bass guitar, but I don't sound entirely bad on piano, recorder (I got a recorder solo in 8th grade band so haha), melodica, ukulele, and lyre. I also love to play music, I love composing music (though I'm not good at that just yet), and I love listening to music. My favorite genres are jazz, classical, and rock, but I don't mind some funk as well (one of my favorite bands is Jamiroquai, so of course I don't mind funk).

    I'm currently in a huge Marvel phase right now (since May, woops), so if you don't mind the movies I will gladly discuss them with you. I also love movies in general, especially bad movies (MST3K is hilarious). A couple favorite TV shows of mine have been Scrubs, Timeless, and Brooklyn 99 (I still need to keep watching but Hulu is aggressive).

    I also love classic literature. I willingly did a project this summer on Little Women, and I have several literary classics lined up to read when I get the time. I also love writing, and I have a couple stories that I'm working on that I may or may not share on the forums. ;) Although I do love world-building more than writing the stories themselves. I also like telling stories!

    That's about it, even though this is super long, but a lot has happened in the past 7 months. Anyways, I hope the person reading this has an amazing day, and I hope to see you in the future!
  2. UnMuteYaBoy

    UnMuteYaBoy Retired Retired

    I feel you Birmbear/Birm/Birmy. Glad to have you back.

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