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Blast to the Future

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Hilow Peoples!, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Hilow Peoples!

    Hilow Peoples! Well-Known Member

    Alright, here's the thing. I have no idea how to do most anything. Soooo. Sorry about that. Anyways, here we go!

    Overview: In this strange alternate universe, meddling with time in search in hopes of finding the ten theorized dimensions has caused a "glitch" in the system. Now, people from all different time periods are showing up in the middle of 3202, and no one knows how to stop it!

    Setting: 3202, around 100 years after the great space war. The Earth for average citizens in absolute ruins, and most are off living on separate planets in the solar system. The only places that are truly nice on Earth are the pristine, white labs constructed by scientists. All food is manufactured from basically thin air. The oceans have long since risen and it is hot year-round. However, the land not owned by the government, taken over by small, broken down shacks, or covered in hot sand are cities bustling with people. Most live in relative poverty.

    1. No OP characters or Mary/Gary Sues.
    2. All characters must either be in the universes present time of 3202 or any time before that when people spoke English. No character should be from after 3202
    3. A person from the past and a person in 3202 should act pretty differently. Try and keep stuff as accurate as you can! (For example, someone from the Civil War would not understand any sort of technology even today, never mind in 3202.)
    4. Have fun kiddos!





    Date of Birth:






    Any other info.?:

    Character Example (Mine :p):

    Name: Rodney William Hayes

    Nickname(s)?: Roe, Roddy

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Date of Birth: 3/6/1923

    Looks: A tall beanpole of a man, standing at about 6'3. His skin is lightly tanned, but still rather pale, and his eyes are a warm, chocolate brown. His hair matches his eyes, and is cut in a pineapple hairstyle, which is a modified crew cut where only the front is slightly longer, and the rest is a buzz cut. He's rather dirty, but it's WW2, what do you expect?

    Personality: He's a pretty ambitious person, and has strong faith in his abilities. If you think you're good at something, chances are he'll try to beat you out on it. However, he's very loyal to his country and will willingly lay down his life for the country he loves. He's also rather playful once you get to know him, and he has a soft spot for anything fluffy that moves.

    Clothing: The standard military uniform, complete with a rifle, steel "flying saucer" helmet, a backpack, a gas-protectant cape, and everything else you'd expect.

    Job/Occupation: Soldier in WW2. He was in the regiment called "Yankee," which served in Western Europe.

    Hobbies/Specialties: Along with all of the things taught before going off into war, Rodney is a good horseback rider, and one of his hobbies is woodworking.

    Any other info.?: Rodney is highly suspicious of anyone who doesn't act the way a typical American from his time would, since the people with different views tended to be the ones he had to fight. The only people he will trust 100% with certainty are the elderly and children.
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  2. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    Name: Delmont J. Kent

    Nickname(s)?: The 'J.' in his name stands for 'John', his father's name, so that could be used. Or I guess 'Dely', but that sounds a lot like somewhere they sell sandwiches.

    Age: 17 years old

    Gender: Male

    Date of Birth: 9/14/1812

    Looks: Delmont has a wiry frame. He has a strong form, just as much as you would expect from someone who moved and worked a lot, changing homes frequently and carrying everything he owned along with him (with the help of a horse, technically). Even as such, he does have a certain gangliness that comes with being young and still growing with not the richest food to keep one healthy. Along with this, he has sharp features from slight lack of a filling diet and genetics, heavily tanned skin from a life in the wild, and coppery red hair that flops around his face slightly, ragged and untamed. He keeps it to, at lowest (hanging freely), slightly below his ears with a higher point in front of his face so he can see properly. He does this by hacking at it with his knife, so it is, reasonably so, unevenly and jaggedly cut. Because of his hair's bright color (which stands out a bit where he lives/lived and being embarrassed by it just for its uncommonness among other trappers and his family (only his mother had red hair in their family of 10)), he usually hides this floof under his wool cap. Delmont has no beard, seeing as he shaves (if needed) for reasons relating to his believing it limits his ability to see and eat clearly/civilly. In no way does he have a stocky like build, more lean and sharply formed, which is a downside in some cases because he lives in a colder area, meaning he has taught himself/instinctively learned to move around a lot and be energetic so he doesn't freeze, even when he's somewhere he can't freeze. Lastly (kind of), Delmont has icy green eyes, so pretty much just pale green eyes that are white-ish and don't stand out much, but still slightly echo the land in which he was born. Just a small addition, he's not the cleanest kid so dirt can be found dusted all over him quite easily, or just general grime.

    Personality: Use to working and being by himself but loves company, anyways, seeing as he grew up in a large family. Easily welcomes closeness (literal) and roughness because he's learned to live in close quarters with others. Can be touchy, as in, when some people feel it's uncomfortable to be nudged and pushed, Delmont barely notices and will be rough. He's used to being told what to do/being pushed around and doesn't understand how to act around other people besides these ways, seeing as people like him are the only he's ever met (this meaning that he pretty much doesn't understand that some people don't like being in close proximity or being playfully pushed). He can be kind of loud and puppy-dog like, trying to be part of everything so he's not left by himself, which is kind of ironic because he prefers to work alone and spent his working life by himself. Has a softer, quieter love of knowledge and reading, though he prefers to be always moving around more than sitting still.

    Clothing: A worn-down, old white cotton shirt with buffalo skin breeches that frill at the edges due to the amiss sewing and the roughness of the cloth, leggings, a coat made from ragged buffalo hide, a cap something like a stocking cap made of gray wool, and deerskin moccasins. A belt also lays around his waist on which are the materials he had on him when he unknowingly went through the 'glitch'. These are a small sack containing fire starting necessities, a butcher knife, and material needed to fire a gun of that time. Along with these, he also brought a Double Barrel Shotgun through with him, unawares. Of course, this weapon was of that time so it's not that good at all, but he still accidentally brought it. It also belonged to his father so it has some sentimental value. (if this is excepted, he might abandon some of the heavy weather clothes seeing as it probably isn't that cold in this world)

    Job/Occupation: Mountain Man, so an explorer/trapper who lived in the wilderness of the American Rocky Mountains, mostly.

    Hobbies/Specialties: Trapping, surviving in the wild, everything you would expect from a 17-year-old (who's not very experienced or all-knowing at all) living a lot on his own in a cold wilderness with his job being to kill animals and then sell their skins, and reading, seeing as not many Mountain Men really knew how to read but Delmont decided to teach/be taught how.

    Any other info.?: Delmont was born to a mountain man and his wife who, because of the father's work, lived in the then wilderness of West America. There they had a cabin in which they lived and raised their eight children. Delmont was the youngest of these children and one of the three of them that reached an age in which they could and did leave home, 14. Or at least for boys, which wasn't a problem for this household because, out of eight, seven children were male and the only female died very young. This also means Delmont doesn't really know much of the female gender, or at least in his time. After leaving home at age 14, Delmont became a trapper like his father and lived the average trapper life for three years until, of course, the time 'glitch' that brought him into 3202.
  3. Hilow Peoples!

    Hilow Peoples! Well-Known Member

    Accepted! This was really well thought out and in-depth, I love it!
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