Buzzardstar 2: Electric Boogaloo

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  1. Cockatoo123

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    its been 3 years since i drew what apparently was supposed to buzzardstrike

    artistically, this has been my progress over the years

    • literally havent attempted to draw a Serious Cat (tm) since
    • only have drawn people since
    • only tiny people
    • and no hands, only stubs
    • tried different art styles for like 10 minutes before giving up
    • ?? ??? ???
    • learned the ctrl-z function
    so yeah, here's a redraw of Old Man Buzzardstrike, except this is him young and i forgot to draw the scars, and i also forgot what cats looked like so i drew off the top of my head

    og picture:
    o hno.png

    new and not really improved picture that took less time:
    boozard stick.png

    i had it coloured i swear the file was too big

    you can probably see the next update in 2021 thanks for coming to my ted talk
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  2. Mythic Gaming

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    Hey, that's pretty good! Memes aside though, nice drawings!
  3. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    too real,, i had a thing i was working on a while ago for halloween or something and i had to crop it down So Much because the file was too big.

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