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Can we talk about Unravel?

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by AllanLionChild, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. AllanLionChild

    AllanLionChild Retired Retired

    There's an ancient Chinese myth, about the red thread of fate.
    It says, that the gods have tied a red thread around each one of our ankles,
    and attached it to those people who's lives we're destined to touch.
    This thread may stretch, or tangle,
    but it will never break.

    Unravel is an indie game, made by the Swedish company Coldwood.
    Unfortunately, like many games that are not part of a big franchise (think CoD), not many people hear about it.
    But I'll tell you a bit about it here.

    The game centers around a small figure of red yarn, named Yarny, who embarks on a great journey through the northern-Scandinavian landscape, to re-connect the memories of a long lost family.

    The game is puzzle centrered, meaning you have to think strategically, and use the environment around you to overcome obstacles.

    The graphics are stunning, the music is absolutely breathtaking, the story is cute and heartfelt, and teaches us about the bonds and connections we have to our loved ones.
    All of this only gets better in the sequel, Unravel 2, which also has a multiplayer feature.

    But hey, don't let me tell you what to think. There's a demo available for most platforms (playstation store is where I got it). Try it out! Tell the rest of us what you think! Same thing if you've already played the game!

    And remember.

    This thread may stretch, or tangle,
    but it will never break.

    Official Website
  2. Paintfury

    Paintfury Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Hmmm... interesting... I may try it out!

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