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Corvus' Building Contests Information

Discussion in 'Corvus' started by ilovepicklestoo, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. ilovepicklestoo

    ilovepicklestoo Retired Retired

    The long awaited Corvus building contests are finally here! 


    Each month, the Corvus team shall be posting a topic here on the forums informing you what the contest will be!

    From there you will learn the selected topic that you'll have to build. 


    Each contest starts on the 1st of every month.

    All members will have exactly one week to complete their plot. So that means it shall end on the 7th!

    Winners will be announced at Corvus' spawn on the 8th!

    How to join

    Either post that you're joining on the monthly topic (not this one), or find an online Corvus Moderator and ask politely. 

    You'll be added to a plot already claimed by a moderator. That way you don't have to buy a rank and pay for your own. 


    A warp shall be set up with a keyword for each contest, so finding the building area shall be quick and easy. 


    Toucan - First Place 


    Stork - Second Place 


    Tern - Third Place 


    Sparrow - Any other participants  


    So basically, even if you join you get a free rank.

    And as stated before, you'll be posted at spawn along with the rank!



    How to win


    All players shall be judged on creativity and effort. So you could be the best builder in the world who makes something super boring, and get the Sparrow rank. 

    Don't worry one bit about your building skills, because they don't matter. Just let those creative juices flow!

    Winners will be decided by the entire Corvus staff team. 




    If you are part of the staff team and wish to join the monthly contest, feel free.

    You can still win, but you won't get any prizes. I've got uh... A paperclip? And maybe some tissues you could have? 


    All normal Corvus rules still apply. 
    Psshhhh, you thought I was gonna give a bunch of boring new rules? Just have fun!! 

    The very first contest shall be posted August 1st, 2016. 
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  2. iEchoStorm

    iEchoStorm Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it will be very fun. Definitely going to be working on techniques. Glad that we are finally doing these contests.

    One problem though:

    Players on Corvus can't list warps. At least, the "Finch" rank can't.
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