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Corvus: Opened & Creative!!

Discussion in 'Corvus' started by NoMansLand, May 10, 2016.

  1. NoMansLand

    NoMansLand Community Manager: Technical Services Staff Member Community Manager

    Hi All,

    As some of you have seen Corvus is back open again. It is no longer faction PVP it is now Creative.


    We found that Faction PVP was not very used. Corvus would go with out a single user for weeks then it would have 1 or 2 users then none again for weeks. So after a large discussion between CM's and the Senior it was changed to Creative.

    I want Old Corvus back!!!!! NOW!

    We understand a lot of you don't like change. This is why we have made the plots large on this server. You can build your own bases and with the right paid group (I think it's Crow), you can change your gamemode from Creative to Survival or even Action.

    Corvus will not be Faction PVP again as it will stay Creative. We had two options, Try a Creative Free to Play server, or shut it down. I don't like Shutting down servers (it's more work for me, Try Faction PVP on Phoenix)

    Why can't I have WorldEdit?

    WorldEdit is restricted to higher ranks as every time you purchase a rank it helps MyFallen improve services and pay the bills that keep our lights on month-month.

    What Restrictions are there?

    1. Keep it family friendly.

    2. Don't build lag Machines. ClearLagg will clear out any railcarts. I'm not stopping that.


    Buy a rank. Our cheapest rank is $2 USD. <--- THATS ONLY $2!! THATS MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE AN HOUR IN THE US!! (Not in Australia, because we have a minimum wage of $17.29 an hour). It gets you two plots.

    Hey, even if you're nice enough we may even merge your two plots to make one super plot for you. Only if you ask nicely


    If you have found a bug please report it to us via MySupport. Don't start spamming chat or /helpop. Staff aren't allowed to use /ignore but if you bug them so much that they have to I'm not going to yell at them for using /ignore. It's a new server. Expect bugs. It's a new thing we're working on. Expect Bugs. Expect Permission Issues. We are working on fixing it.

    Made a great building?

    Fantastic! I want to see it! We will even post it to our forums, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and Blog. Make your beautiful building World Famous with #MyFallenBeautyBuilding or #MFBB for short.

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