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Divided - Feverfew 2

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, May 21, 2018.

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    A/N: Ooo, the second chapter. Look at me, not abandoning stories immediately. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this series, I'd love to hear them! :D

    “Hey, Applebright!” Antbreeze greeted her cheerfully. “How are you?”
    “Not good,” Applebright sighed as she tended to a sick cat. “There's far too much work this year.”
    “Oh, can't you take a break?” Antbreeze whined. “We never hang out anymore, like when we were kits!”
    “There's no time to hang out anymore,” Applebright snapped. “You're a warrior and I'm a medicine cat. We both have far more important things to do than play around.”
    Antbreeze widened his eyes in shock. Usually, Applebright had responded with ‘maybe later’ or a 'not right now.’ He hung his head, rejected.
    “Antbreeze,” her voice softened. “We're still friends, you know.”
    Antbreeze had felt otherwise. The only times that he and Applebright had talked were when he had come to the medicine den. No matter what she said, he knew they'd never be the friends they once were. While he was happy for her, he regretted her becoming a medicine cat. He regretted not realizing the consequences when they were apprentices. Now she was busy all the time and they couldn't do anything together.
    “Hey Applebright,” Rosepaw called to her mentor with sarcasm in her voice. “Stop talking to Antbreeze and attend to the sick cats.”
    Applebright murmured a small “sorry” to Antbreeze before returning to the residents of the medicine den, leaving Antbreeze to walk away, sulking. He hardly noticed when a tomcat with a light brown pelt bounded up next to him.
    “Hey, Antbreeze!” he beamed.
    “Hey, Dustfoot,” Antbreeze sighed. He had tried not to sound upset, but it seemed impossible.
    “Aw, what's wrong?” the other cat asked. “Applebright rejected you again? Buddy, you're a warrior and she's a medicine cat. You can't be ma-”
    “It's not about that!” Antbreeze cut him off. “It's just… we used to be hang out all the time. Now it seems that she doesn't even want to talk to me.”
    “Well, it's probably because she's busy,” Dustfoot shrugged. “Did you hear that there's not enough feverfew for the cats this year?”
    “What?” This was news to Antbreeze. Of course, he figured, Applebright wouldn't tell me.
    “Yeah, there's a bunch of cats getting sick this year,” Dustfoot told him. “Soon they're going to be running low on catmint or something.”
    “Can't they ask the other clans?” Antbreeze asked. Now he was worried for the future of his clan. The cats couldn't all get sick, what would become of Meadowclan then?
    “They've tried,” Dustfoot answered. “It's the same story. Nothing.”
    “Who's sick?” Antbreeze asked.
    “Alderstorm was sick, but he's better now,” Dustfoot started listing, thinking of all the victims. “There's rumors that Fernstar is catching a fever, but she seems fine to me.”
    “I hope Cherrypaw doesn't catch it,” Antbreeze spoke quietly.
    “Speaking of Cherrypaw,” Dustfoot spoke, changing the subject, “I was thinking that we could take her and Aspenpaw on a joint training session thing.”
    “Not today,” Antbreeze huffed. “I'm not really feeling up to it right now. Besides, Aspenpaw doesn't seem to like me.”
    “He's cold,” Dustfoot shrugged. “Trust me, once someone gets to know him he's pretty cool.”
    “Maybe later, then.” Antbreeze looked up as birds fluttered from out of the branches of the tree that the leader’s den resided in.
    “Okay then,” Dustfoot smiled, padding away. “Hope you get better soon, buddy!”
    I hope the sick cats will all be fine, Antbreeze thought as his friend left him. I'm sure the medicine cats will think of something.

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