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Drawing of Wanderkit

Discussion in 'The Dusk Forum of Graphical Appreciation' started by AwesomePuppy, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    aa2 copy.jpg
    So, this is one of my kittles on FallenLight, son of both Wolfstar and Sunstar, sister to Howlingkit. I just kind of wanted to show what he looked like and also try to draw... I'm in no way an expert drawer (yes, this is my art, so no stealing). He's actually supposed to kinda look like his parents, though that didn't turn out too well. He's kinda a color between gold and gray...? He's supposed to be based somewhat off of Lostheart (Sunstar's past mate and another and first kittle of mine on FallenLight that is now in StarClan), though not in description and more in personality.
    So, that's a cat.
    Thanks for reading/looking at this!
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  2. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    Aw, your art it so cute!! Wanderkit is so adorable, I love him!!
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  3. bleuucat

    bleuucat New Member

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