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Dreaming of Sky (Introduction)

Discussion in 'Human' started by Superstitious-MM-Smokey, May 14, 2018.

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    The crackling and crunching of the cars tires on the old, cobble road were the only noises that echo through the car. The man driving said nothing, the woman to his left is reading, and the teenager in the back remains silent, looking out the window with dull eyes and a frown etched onto his face. It is almost impossible to see the slightly upset look in his dark blue eyes, but to his parents, it is very clear. Sigurd, as he was named, put up quite a fight when he heard he was moving to England. Crying, screaming, all the protesting that he could muster. The normally stoic teen put up quite a fight, pushing as hard as he can to stay. Yes, it was clear he didn't want to leave his homeland. However, it wasn't his choice in the end if he could leave or stay, it was his parents'.

    The woman in the front left seat of the car looks back at him, her soft brown eyes shining with concern. "Sigurd, honey, are you alright?" she softly asks her only child with worry.

    The one being addressed says nothing, only sighing loudly in reply and leaning his head on his palm. His mother purses her lips slightly, looking at him for a few more seconds before she goes back to her book.

    Slowing down slightly, the car comes to a crawl as the open countryside becomes more forested. Dotted with looming old oaks and towering birch, the light began to filter through instead of shining directly into the interior. His father, the man driving, clutches the wheel and makes a sharp left down a slightly cracked, stone-lined drive. Sleek and ornate black metal gates with a decal of a rearing, golden lion loom ominously over the new car. A small beep sounds from each of the four buttons that are pressed for a code that opens the barrier in front of them. With a final resonating beep and a click, the gates slowly swing open, creaking and groaning loudly as the mechanical gears pull them back. The flaxen haired teen looks up ahead at the increasingly clear house. Whirring, the car slowly pulls forwards and down the drive. The muted crunches of the rocks below the tires were nothing in comparison to the rapidly increasing beating of Sigurd's heart in anticipation.

    His father says his only words in that entire trip, "Welcome home, son."


    This is a story I'm working on in wattpad, thought I would just post it here. I'll put the summary as well for some context!
    A wealthy Norwegian family of three has just moved to the English countryside to a sprawling estate. Their one and only child, Sigurd, has long been a recluse. He's been homeschooled from the start, and left his few friends behind when he immigrated with his parents. The only thing he seems to care about are his beloved horses. He even shows disdain to the few stablehands that his family hired to take care of their herd.
    After suffering an accident, he is in for a harsh reality check. Sigurd begins spending more time with his horses, and makes an unlikely friend out of the youngest stable boy. But when the time comes for them to show what they can do, will they prove it or fall flat on their faces?
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