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Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by nikkiwikki234, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. HomestuckiePixel

    HomestuckiePixel Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks nikki :)
  2. LeFoxy

    LeFoxy New Member

    hmm if this is still working, i suck at voice acting but im a decent enough artist to do backrounds if you need some help! 

  3. theflyingocelot

    theflyingocelot New Member

    I wanna do this! And I has Skype
  4. Pengu

    Pengu Retired Retired

    I would like to have my character, Willowfrond or Stormflower added.

    Name: Willowfrond

    Gender: She-Cat

    Clan: Eclipseclan

    Personality: Doesnt fight if she doesnt have to, gentle, caring

    Voice: Soft and sweet, but can be stern if needed

    Description: silver taby with bright blue eyes like sapphires

    Other: Stormflowers sister(Long Story)

    Name: Stormflower

    Gender: She-Cat

    Clan: Driftclan

    Personality: Stubborn, doesnt speack much

    Voice: Hardened and deep for a she-cat

    Description: dark gray with navy blue eyes

    Other: Willowfronds sister(Long Story)

    I dont have skyp(sadly) but I will see to getting it mabey
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  5. Rat_Dog

    Rat_Dog Well-Known Member

    XD is this thread still active? 

    Just wondering if I should but a character up or not ☺
  6. Dubstep_x_k1lla

    Dubstep_x_k1lla Retired Retired

    Wish I could help, too late rip.

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