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Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by nikkiwikki234, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    The FL wikia can be found here.

    On this wikia, there will be: Clan information, event information, event times, updates, warp information, and most importantly, YOUR character information!

    This part is optional. You may choose to have your character featured on the wikia. This way, your character's name will be sure to not be taken. If you would like your character featured, please use this form and comment below:


    Character Name:

    Past Character Names:

    Place of Residence*:








    Backstory (optional):

    Character Quote:

    Cause of Death (optional)

    Your IGN:

    * = If dead, put whether they reside in LightClan, The Void, or Shadow Forest. If a Clan cat, put their Clan. If an outsider, put what group (ex. rogue, loner, kittypet.)

    ATTENTION: If you character dies/recieves another name/under goes ANY change at all, it is your responibility to comment here about what happened to them. It will be updated on the wiki ASAP.

    Once again, this is optional. I hope to see your replies!

    Sincerely, Nikki.
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  2. Jinnehh

    Jinnehh Member

    Character Name: Salmonheart

    Clan: Meadowclan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14 Moons

    Rank: Warrior

    Description: is a orange tom with green eyes and a brown tail, fairly silent

    Kits: Moonkit

    Mate: Nope

    FAM: All dead

    IGN: JinHakureiTehCat
  3. Rat_Dog

    Rat_Dog Well-Known Member

    Character name: Ripplingwater

    Clan: Torrentclan

    Gender: Male

    Age: Hmmm idk 20 moons

    Description: A sleek Tom with smokey grey, black and rusty color spots, fur usually messy, his left eye is blind, eyes are kinda a gross rusty color, loves to tease his friends, and he will never really give up on his love for Echostar, quite friendly though not the most atractive Tom out there.

    Kits: None

    Mate: None

    Family: Dead, although his friends are like family to him, Boulderheart (father died of age), Fernfur (mother died giving birth) had no brothers or sisters that he knows of.

    Backstory: Formally from Eclipseclan though he left the clan leaving them to think he mysteriously died, he lived as a loner for quite some time then joined Torrentclan.  He fell in love with EchoStar though it never worked out, he made several friends, Snog, Stream, Shallow, Echo, and Blair. He would do anything for his new clan, and he is happy he joined.

    IGN: Rat_Dog
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  4. Kaat

    Kaat Retired Retired

    Character Name: Sunstar

    Clan/Group: MeadowClan

    Gender: Female

    Age: (Dead) Died at 40 moons.

    Rank: Leader of MeadowClan

    Description: Orange furred she-cat with lighter belly fur, muzzle, tailtip and paws. Has a star-like symbol on her forehead. Nicked ears, and green eyes. Her right side of her face is scarred and her right ear is missing. Fluffy and lean, very fast. 

    Kit(s): Vixenleap, Gorseflame, Stripefoot, Ivyspirit, Thunderrose (Adopted), and some others I forgot lol

    Mate(s): Timestrike, Foxsnap( Not really ), and Shadowedstar.

    Family: It's too big, having over 88 cats/characters. Related to Oceanstar, Gorsestar, Kestrelcall, and like 80 others lol

    Backstory (optional): Nope, too long, she's too cool

    Your IGN: KatHasACattitude

    Second Form:

    Character Name: Wrenpaw (call)

    Clan/Group: EclipseClan - DriftClan - TorrentClan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 9 Moons

    Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice of TorrentClan

    Description: Silver-tabby she-cat with darker stripes. Dull blue eyes and with a fluffy tail, she has a small frame. Right eye is blinded, with several scars on her body. Nicked ears, not the prettiest, could be the ugliest, ha. Three-legged.

    Kit(s): None! Temporarily took care of Pondpaw (Adopted from the border.)

    Mate(s): Smogcloud (Secret.)

    Family: Kestrelcall is her sibling-like caretaker or stepfather, Shiningsnow is her father, Blazeleaf her second stepfather, and her siblings are unknown. Her mother left at a very young age for her.

    Backstory (optional): She originally started out in EclipseClan, but was taken to DriftClan by Kestrelcall. She remained in the Med Den, due to her injuries. They then transferred to TorrentClan, and she ranked up to being the Medicine Cat.

    Your IGN: KatHasACattitude
  5. Charaah

    Charaah Retired Retired

    Character Name: Minkcloud

    Clan/Group: Torrentclan

    Gender: She

    Age: 20 moons

    Rank: Warrior

    Description: A gray she cat with black  paws, ears, muzzle and tail with grass green eyes.

    Kit(s): None

    Mate(s): None

    Family: Otterspeck

    Backstory (optional): does not know who her parents are, all she knows is that she was just dropped off in Torrentclan one day to survive.

    Your IGN: Sparkle_C134
  6. Rat_Dog

    Rat_Dog Well-Known Member

    Oops I forgot rank

    Rank: Senior warrior
  7. nyeheheh

    nyeheheh Retired Retired

    Character Name: Tawnyface

    Past Character Names: Tawnykit, Tawnypaw

    Place of Residence*: DriftClan

    Gender: Tom

    Age: About 25 moons or so.

    Rank: Deputy

    Description: A large, long-furred light brown tabby tom with white paws and a splash of white fur on his chest. Black ears and dark green eyes. Many scars on his back, sides and legs. 

    Kit(s): Pebblenose in Amberstride's litter, and Runningkit, Spottedkit, Poppykit, Harekit and Moonkit from Cindercloud.

    Mate(s): Amberstride (Deceased) and Cindercloud (Also deceased)

    Family: He has a sister named Sprucefern, though his mother is dead and his father remains a rogue he's never met.

    Backstory (optional): He grew up normally in DriftClan, his mother being killed only shortly after he became a warrior. 

    Character Quote: "You have.. nice ears."

    Your IGN: nyeheheh


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  8. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    I had to, I'm sorry

    Character Name: Twilightwhisper

    Clan/Group: TorrentClan

    Gender: She-Cat

    Age: 18 moons

    Rank: Medicine Cat

    Description: A slightly small dark brown, almost black, she with piercing blue eyes. Her paws and ears are a dark gray, and she has a slightly lighter brown stripe down her back and tail.

    Kit(s): Not really.

    Mate(s): Nope.

    Family: None

    Backstory (optional): Joined with Kestrelcall and Rowanstar in the creation of TorrentClan.

    Your IGN: SailorBirmie
  9. Wynter

    Wynter Retired Staff Member Retired

    Character Name: Oceanstar

    Clan/Group: First Eclipseclan, Formally Meadowclan. Now in the Void.

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: 36 moons when died

    Rank: Leader

    Description: Slender, swift grey she-cat with darker grey legs, tip tail, and dapples on her lower back. Intense amber eyes. A scar on her left shoulder. Her right ear has a V cut in it. Is very fast, rumored to be the fastest cat in the clans.

    Kit(s): Gorsehawk, Sunblaze, Lakefreeze, Riversplash, Shellshock, Creekpaw, Streampaw.

    Mate(s): Brightstream, Thunderstrike.

    Family: Foster Sister: Sunstar. - Sister: Cometstorm - Mother: Unkown - Father: Hollysky

    Backstory (optional): Is half MeadowClan, half EclipseClan. She was brought to MeadowClan and fostered by Sunstar's parents. 

    Your IGN: TotallyNotWynter

    Character Name: Juniperspots

    Clan/Group: DriftClan

    Gender: She-Cat

    Age: 10 moons

    Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Description: Smal creamy brown she-cat with white paws, muzzle, and dapples on her flank. One bright blue eye and one dark blue eye. 

    Kit(s): None

    Mate(s): None

    Family: Kakapofeather

    Backstory (optional): N/A

    Your IGN: TotallyNotWynter
  10. Pengu

    Pengu Retired Retired

    Character Name: Ebonykit (Soon to be Ebonypaw though)

    Clan/Group: Torrentclan

    Gender: She-Cat

    Age: 6 Moons

    Rank: Kit (Soon to be Apprentice)

    Description: Fluffy, smokey black with a white chest spot and back paws

    Kit(s): None because shes a kit

    Mate(s): None

    Family: Biological family (her mother, father and brother)are dead, adopted sister, Snowkit, is alive

    Backstory (optional): She was born in Eclipseclan but quickly left to be in Torrentclan with her family was they were killed soon after joining Torrentclan, leaving just her and Snowkit. Ebonykit has a birth defect where she has a hearing problem, not being able to hear soft sounds such as 's', 'th', ect, which leads to a speech disorder where she drops off those sounds since she never heard them, so how is she supposed to say them?

    Your IGN: super__penguin (2 underscores)
  11. Gracie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    Gracie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) New Member

    Character Name: Heartless

    Group: Rouge

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: 29 moons

    Rank: Rouge

    Description: A lithe she with a spotted white pelt. She has very poor eyesight.

    Kit(s): N/A

    Mate(s): N/A

    Family: Stormless and Flightless

    IGN: GracieThePepe

    Character Name: Rowanstar

    Clan/Group: First DriftClan, Formally TorrentClan, and now in Shadow Forest.

    Gender: Tom

    Age: 20 moons

    Rank: Former Leader of TorrentClan

    Description: A russet tabby tom, with dark stripes, and dark green eyes.

    Kit(s): N/A

    Mate(s): N/A (wrenny ;-)???)

    Family: N/A

    IGN: GracieThePepe
  12. Fallenystar

    Fallenystar Retired Retired

    Character Name: Fallenstar

    Clan/Group: Driftclan

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: 36 moons

    Rank: Leader

    Description: Strong and tall dark gray she w/ lighter gray pawtips and eartips, emerald green eyes. Has many scars from many battles. Nobody ever dares going against her, or challenge her ways, unless they think they'll win. She's never nice at all, except to her family. 

    Kit(s): Lilyblossom and Turtlesplash (Father was Carpflight) Stormingkit, Creekkit, Scorchkit, Condorkit (Condorkit is adopted and their father is Talonfall).

    Mate(s): Carpflight (dead) Cedarwhisker (for a short-period) and Talonfall (as of now).

    Family: Claystar (Dead, father) Honeywhisker (other father, not biologically) and unknown mother, or if she had siblings.

    Backstory (optional): Grew up normally, except for being the most stubborn. After she accidently killed a Eclipseclan and being accused for being murderer back then and now (she still kills for disobedience, leaving, etc.) her personality has changed and is very edgy. She very badly wants to end Torrentclan and especially kill Kestrelcall. 

    Your IGN: Jadeh_Te_Wulf


    Character Name: Whispsky

    Clan/Group: Meadowclan (now Lightclan)

    Gender: She

    Age: 71 moons

    Rank: Warrior/Queen

    Description: Dark gray w/ lighter gray and white swirl patterns, blue eyes, curly fur, very very kind, has a good drawing skill, and cares very deeply for her family and friends

    Kit(s): Batkit (Meadowclan) and Mothkit (Driftclan)

    Mate(s): Dyingecho (not sure if alive or dead, kat)

    Family: Rosa (mother, dead) and fathef is unknown

    Backstory (optional): She was best friends with Oceanstar and Sunstar, and she drew drawings for them. When Sunstar died, she swore revenge. She never got to, since she was killed. Lakefreeze avenged her instead, and she's grateful. Some of her drawings burned in the fire, but some of her friends brought them to the new territory. The most special one is of three cats sitting under a tree.

    Your IGN: Jadeh_Te_Wulf
  13. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Retired


    Character Name: Tumblestep

    Clan/Group: MeadowClan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14 moons old

    Rank: New warrior

    Description: He is a sturdy built brindled dark gray tom with black legs and a white muzzle. His right leg is twisted over his left leg from birth, so it's hard for him to walk. He is paralyzed in his fore legs. He is calm and sweet, but can be very nervous at times.

    Kit(s): His mate had a miscarriage lol

    Mate(s): Patchcloud, but it's a secret.

    Family: Dead

    Backstory (optional): His backstory isn't certain, but his family disowned him for his twisted leg, since they saw it as a bad sign from LightClan.

    Your IGN: chesttremolo22
  14. Spottedleaf0729

    Spottedleaf0729 Member

    Okay, I have quite a few to do here... I will be doing Fennelpaw too, but I'll fill it out after she gets her full name. All of these chars are dead BTW, so if you don't accept dead characters into the wiki, then just completely ignore this. I'll be filling out the forms for my live characters later, in Fennel's post.

    Character Name: Shadedwing

    Past Character Names: Shadedkit, Shadedpaw

    Place of Residence*: LightClan

    Clan/Group: EclipseClan/LightClan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 34 moons (At time of death)

    Rank: Deputy

    Description: A long furred, dark gray tabby she-cat with piercing amber eyes and a torn left ear.

    Kit(s): Unknown (she had some... but I kinda forgot who... oops)

    Mate(s): Buzzardstrike/star

    Family: Unknown

    Backstory (optional): N/A

    Cause of Death (optional) Wounds from dog attack

    Your IGN: Spottedleaf0729

    Character Name: Nightwing

    Past Character Names: Nightkit, Nightpaw

    Place of Residence*: LightClan

    Clan/Group: EclipseClan/LightClan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 42 moons (At time of death)

    Rank: Warrior

    Description: A long furred black tom with a gray tail tip. Dark blue eyes.

    Kit(s): Fennelkit, Splashkit, Tumblekit, Duskkit, Sedgekit

    Mate(s): Hollyfire

    Family: Sister: Shatteredwing (EclipseClan/Shadow forest)

    Backstory (optional): Grew up normally, alongside his sister, Shatteredwing. However, one day, he came across Shatteredwing as she was tearing her apprentice apart. Enraged, he killed his sister. Not long after, he met and began to know Hollyfire, a cat whom he had never really noticed before in the Clan. Their feelings for each other grew, and they eventually became mates and had kits. One day as he and Hollyfire were taking a walk in the forest, a pack of stray dogs attacked them. Before one of the dogs could strike a killing blow on Hollyfire, Nightwing leaped between the two, giving his life to save Hollyfire's.

    Cause of Death (optional) Wounds from dog attack

    Your IGN: Spottedleaf079

    Character Name: Shatteredwing

    Past Character Names: Shatteredkit, Shatteredpaw

    Place of Residence*: Shadow Forest

    Clan/Group: EclipseClan/Shadow Forest

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22 moons (At time of death)

    Rank: Warrior

    Description: A dark gray tabby she-cat with a missing left eye, which is covered by a large scar. A single amber eye. pelt is covered with scars.

    Kit(s): N/A

    Mate(s): N/A

    Family: Nightwing (EclipseClan/LightClan)

    Backstory (optional): Soon after becoming a warrior, she lost her eye battling a rogue near the border. Seeking revenge, she became thirsty for the blood of rogues, and eventually, for other cats as well. She kept her many kills secret from the rest of her Clan, and eventually received an apprentice, Ashpaw. Soon after receiving her apprentice, she went too far during battle training and gravely injured her apprentice, tearing off her paw and blinding her left eye. Nightwing, her brother, saw her as she was tearing her apprentice apart and, in a fit of rage, struck a killing blow to Shatteredwing's throat. Her apprentice, Ashpaw, whom became Ashfall, was saved.

    Cause of Death (optional) Murdered by Nightwing

    Your IGN: Spottedleaf0729

    Character Name: Ravenstar

    Past Character Names: Ravenkit, Ravenpaw, Ravenfeather

    Place of Residence*: LightClan

    Clan/Group: ShadeClan/LightClan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 41 Moons (At time of death)

    Rank: Deputy

    Description: A lithe, skinny black-furred she-cat with silver ear tips, paws, tail tip, and stripe running from her muzzle to her tail tip. Dark blue eyes.

    Kit(s): Unknown (So many... once again, forgot.. heh)

    Mate(s): Unknown (Forgot... again)

    Family: Unknown

    Backstory (optional): N/A

    Cause of Death (optional) Wounds from dog attack

    Your IGN: Spottedleaf0729

    (If you do the past Clans...)

    Character Name: Ripplepool

    Clan/Group: LakeClan/LightClan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 78 moons (At time of death)

    Rank: Medicine Cat

    Description: A beautiful, long furred silver tabby she-cat with a long, feathery tail. Icey blue eyes.

    Kit(s): Unknown (So many, forgot)

    Mate(s): Unknown (I know she had one, but I forgot who... I have a really bad memory >->)

    Family: Unknown

    Backstory (optional): Found abandoned near the LakeClan/Rogue border, she was rescued and taken to the LakeClan camp, where she was nursed by an unknown queen. As a kit, she was very curious, and often found trouble. On one of her earlier adventures, she met the Clans' Medicine Cat, Brokensoul, and soon they became good friends. When her time to be apprenticed came, she became apprenticed to Brokensoul. Not long after her apprenticeship, she began to know a kind, promising kit named Ternkit. The two became very good friends. Eventually, after moons of training, she earned her full medicine cat name: Ripplepool. Several moons later, Brokensoul passed away, and Ternpaw became her apprentice. She passed down everything she had learned from her old mentor to Ternpaw, and eventually granted Ternpaw her full Medicine Cat name: Ternswoop. Over 40 moons later, while out gathering herbs, Ripplepool was attacked by a badger. She died two days later at moonhigh due to her wounds.

    Cause of Death (optional) Killed by badgers

    Your IGN: Spottedleaf0729
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  15. asrielmemeurr

    asrielmemeurr New Member

    Character Name: Quailnose

    Past Character Names: Quailkit, Quailpaw

    Place of Residence*: MeadowClan

    Gender: Tom

    Age: 22 moons

    Rank: Deputy

    Description: A sleek-furred, swift tom with a light gray pelt. He has darker back legs and white and black dapples littering his back and ears. Greenish brown eyes. His hind legs are still wounded from fighting a rogue with his friend Smallcloud. He also has a quails feather tucked behind his right ear. Quite young.

    Kit(s): Flickerkit (the gay one), Kestrelkit, Berrykit

    Mate(s): Swiftsky (deceased) though his crush remains Tawnyface, they hang out a lot.

    Family: Has one older brother named Partridgeflight, a mother named Stormfire and his father is this old grumpy rogue named Glare or something.

    Backstory (optional): Pshh, can't think of all that now. 

    Character Quote: "We may not be all buff and what not, but we can still take you down." -Quailnose to Akane

    Your IGN: asrielmemeurr


    Character Name: Magpiecall

    Past Character Names: Magpie, Magpiepaw

    Place of Residence*: EclipseClan

    Gender: Tom

    Age: 28 moons or such

    Rank: Warrior

    Description: A large, black and white tuxedo tom with gray spots on his legs and cheeks. Light gray socks. Once bright amber eyes. Missing his left ear and has many gashes on his flank.

    Kit(s): None hahaa

    Mate(s): Nope

    Family: Doesn't remember his parents at all. Brother named Ternscreech, sister named Olivewhisker. She's a butt.

    Backstory (optional): Born a rogue, came to EclipseClan as an apprentice. He's still quite aggressive due to his rogue past. 

    Character Quote: "You won't like me when I'm angry." -Magpiepaw to, at the time, Ternpaw and Olivepaw

    Your IGN: asrielmemeurr

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  16. Jinnehh

    Jinnehh Member

    Character Name: Sveiks

    Clan/Group: Rogue

    Gender: Male

    Age: 8 moons

    Rank: None

    Description: A small dark brown tom, blind in the right eyes, scars all over the body, broken paw, shy.

    Kit(s): Nope

    Mate(s): Nope

    Family: Silentcry, Leo I guess, Aquila, Celestial, I forgot any more so ye

    Backstory (optional):

    Your IGN: JinHakureiTehCat
  17. JollyHolly

    JollyHolly Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Hollyfire

    Clan/Group: Eclipseclan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 50ish moons?

    Rank: Senior Warrior

    Description: A sleek furred black she-cat, medium length fur, with emerald green eyes.

    Kit(s): Splashpaw, Fennelpaw, Tumblepaw, Solarpaw, Baypaw, Duskpaw, Sedgepaw (Theres a lot)

    Mate(s): Nightwing (Deceased)

    Family: Nerp

    Backstory (optional): Born as an only kit, parents were pretty much nobodys in the clan so nobody knows anything about them. 

    Your IGN: Karly42_
  18. ilovepicklestoo

    ilovepicklestoo Retired Retired

    oooo bby 

    Character Name: Spiderstar

    Clan/Group: Eclipseclan

    Gender: Tom/Male

    Age: 18 moons

    Rank: Leader

    Description: An overly skinny black pelted tom with white freckles dappled across his muzzle and upon his thighs. He is incredibly tall, with long stringy legs, and a cold silver stare which makes him appear incredibly intimidating. Spider also has a slim, crooked tail from it being broken not once, but twice. 

    Kit(s): None

    Mate(s): Kestrelcall (pretty much <3) 

    Family: Thornthroat (Brother), Eel and Squidkit (Nephews), Featherthroat (Mother), Cloudeddawn (Father)

    Backstory (optional): The day spider was born, his name was decided as a spider crawled across the nursery, startling every she-cat within it's vicinity. Growing up, Spider spent most his time watching over his younger step brother Thornthroat. His father Cloudeddawn though often was annoyed by the fact that his son was considered to be quite weak compared to the other cats his age, which is the reason Spider's parents grew distant. Not long after Thorn was born, his mother passed away due to heart failure and his biological father (Clouded) had been thrown out of the clan for several unknown reasons. 
    Growing up, Spiderfern met many wonderful friends and had numerous crushes. He'd nearly been crushed by a tree with Deerspring, watched Eveningstar in her final moments, witnessed Sunnydream go missing for moons, and was the key factor to the war between Eclipseclan and Driftclan because of his deep hatred of Fallenstar. 
    Spiderstar now plans on deciding the fate of his clan on his own, without the help of Lightclan to guide him.  The rest of his story is to be continued
    (And by that I mean, if I don't stop now, this backstory will go on for 10 pages) 

    Your IGN: ilovepicklestoo 
  19. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    There's been an edit in the form, so you may have to edit your forms if your characters are dead. ps i read thornthroat as throatthroat when i first read it
  20. ChemicallyPeridot

    ChemicallyPeridot Well-Known Member

    Character Name:Gaster


    Age:35 Moons


    Description:Gaster is a tall and thin black cat with a white head. He has black ears, and two black spots over his eyes. The left spot is smaller and slanted. He has one blue eye and one amber eye, and can only see in black and white.




    Your IGN:Napstablooki

    (shhh i know he's a fandom character (Undertale) turned into a cat but whatever he's my precious baby)

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