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Favourite Own Charater?

Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by LeKay, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Dubstep_x_k1lla

    Dubstep_x_k1lla Retired Retired

    So, Cleargaze (MeadowClan) and Streamstrike (TorrentClan) now, although my little Clearbae isn't medicine cat anymore. Oh well :D. Cleargaze ran away from TC and went to MC so ye
  2. Charaah

    Charaah Retired Retired

    Whoops now my favorite characters would have to be Ashenrose, cause she too fabulous. Also, Ashenwhisker cause yeah < 3
  3. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    Woah, hi there old me, with your "tiny text."
    Anyways, updated favorite characters, Cherryblossom, who's now a ghost (spooky), Providence, because literally it's like me being a stereotypical Rhode Islander: angry (sometimes), overly-charismatic and pronouncing words like "Hahvahd Yahd", Katsudon (woops Yuri on Ice trash coming on through), and Cloudedskies, my little EC child.
    But generally all of my characters are my favorites, even those who I don't roleplay that much anymore, or at least haven't gotten the chance to roleplay a lot, or even at all in full. Looking at you, Tallmadge, Shroudedpaw and Florentin.
  4. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Retired

    I really enjoy RPing my little cornstarch, Acornstar. He's made to represent anxiety, which is such an interesting topic to me, because I do suffer from it. Acornstar has a terrific back story with Ashenrose the medicine cat and I feel that there's just a lot of back bone to his personality. All of my chars have weaknesses of some sort, but I like Acorn's the best because it hits close to home. ;>
  5. Coco_The_One_And_Only

    Coco_The_One_And_Only Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...its tough between Chestnutkit of MeadowClan and Cinderberry of EclipseClan, but Cinder is a true meme and pulls a ahead a bit :3
  6. BryIsntHere

    BryIsntHere Senior Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    Pinekit because he is very sassy to Burnt and thinks he's funny xD
  7. AllanLionChild

    AllanLionChild Retired Retired

    That would be good old Lion
    love that fella witha a burning passion
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  8. CookieNerd

    CookieNerd Retired Retired

    Pumpkinpaw of Eclipseclan I love her too death!
  9. Poppy

    Poppy Well-Known Member

    I have two favorites, one is Falconfur, I like him because - even though i made him as a warrior - i've role played him many times, and within his first week he managed to find a mate, and now has some kittys. My other one is Thrustpelt, He was my first character (I joined three years ago) and i forgo about him, his original name was Thrushpaw, but someone made a typo and Thrust gained loads of attention, and now i rp him quite often.
  10. Dusktail

    Dusktail Well-Known Member

    Mines gotta be Dusktail (Meadowclan) because she was the very very first character I made both in fl and in the warriors fandom ;3
    I also like le Feathertail because her name just sounds so floofy x3

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