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Discussion in 'Cats' started by AbbyTurtleGirl, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Here's the first chapter of my Fallen Light story! I don't think featherstar was a leader on the server so if she was then lmk so i can change her name :> This is just a rough draft at the moment

    Dark clouds gathered in the sky above, casting shadows down onto the Clans. Thunder cracked in the air as rain began to pour down from the sky. A drop of rain hit a cat on the muzzle, then another in her eye. She blinked her green eyes, which were filled with fear. Her ears lay flat, and her fur stood pricked up. The yells and screams of the Clan rang out through her ears as she stood in the middle, in front of the large oak tree where Featherstar, the leader, stood.





    Insults were being thrown at her from the cats that she thought loved her. They were the closest to kin that she had. Now, she knew how they really thought about her; nothing but a useless rogue, just as her parents were. "Silence!" Featherstar's voice rang out in the clearing. All the voices from the Clan were stopped abruptly. Every cat looked up at the powerful she-cat, not wanting to also be punished.

    "We are gathered here today for the trial of Leaf-fang, who has slain my most recent litter of kits." The yelling started again, and one tom even tried to attack the she-cat in the center, but was held back. The leader continued talking. "Leaf-fang," her strong gaze, which contained both anger and grief, connected to with Leaf-fang's fearful and frightened one, "I want you to answer honestly. Why?! Why did you do it?! Why did you murder my kits?!"

    The grief was visible in her voice, but was almost drowned out by the anger in it, too. Leaf-fang opened her mouth to reply, but all that came out was a small whimper. "Tell me why... Tell me why you did it. Tell me what made you kill innocent kits?!"

    "I did not kill your kits!" Leaf-fang's voice rang out though the hollow, echoing in her ears. The group was silent, and she noticed Featherstar wave her tail to the right. Leaf-fang let out a cry of shook as she was tackled to the ground, claws digging into her skin. The Clan began yelling, not believing what she said. "Liar," Featherstar growled, "we have the proof that you did it. A large chunk of your fur was found in the den. How do you explain that, rogue." The she-cat shook the tom holding her down off and stood up. "Featherstar, your kits were born just less than a quarter moon ago. They hadn't even opened their eyes yet." The Clan was silent as Featherstar sunk down, flattening her ears. "How would they have been able to pull out my fur if they were unable to see?"

    The silver leader jumped down from the oak and walked towards Leaf-fang, anger in her eyes. "What does that mean?" Featherstar said, getting dangerously close to the cat. "It means," Leaf-fang said, stepping closer, "that I was framed." The Clan let out a loud gasp as Featherstar's eyes widened and she stepped back. "Now, who would frame you? Why would someone kill my kits and frame you?" Leaf-fang took a step towards her, lashing her tail. "You." Featherstar, as well as the rest of the Clan, was taken aback. "Me?! Why would I want you out of my Clan so badly that I would kill my own kits?" The leader's voice wavered.

    "Well," Leaf-fang began, "out of all the cats here, you're the one who despises me the most. You've always hated me, from the moment that Shadowstar accepted me into the Clan, the last thing he did as leader. I have a theory that you were the cause of his death. You killed him so that you could become leader and eventually throw me out. Though, you didn't want to immediately throw me out, because there would be some speculation about that. You waited moons later, and then carried out your plan. I woke up one day and felt a patch of fur missing, but did I do anything about it? No. I figured that I just scratched it out while I was asleep. That was the day before your kits were murdered. I believe that you were the murderer."

    The leader's eyes widened and she stumbled back, her jaw open in shock. "I... I... H-how dare you?! I would never kill my own kits just to get someone out of the Clan!" Her voice faltered, and Leaf-fang could tell that she was lying. The crowd of cats broke out into chaos. There were screaming and yelling, as well as some cats hissing and growling at the accused she-cat. Leaf-fang yelped as three cats jumped onto her, tearing at her fur and ripping it off. She wrenched out of their grasp and ran towards the camp exit, with multiple cats behind her. "Get out!" Featherstar screamed, "and never come back! If we ever see you near this land again, we will tear your pelt off!"

    Leaf-fang dashed out of the camp, tears pricking at her eyes. She ran and ran, tearing earth up with her unsheathed claws as they touched the ground. The river signaling the end of MeadowClan's territory came into view and the she-cat picked up speed, leaping over the water and landing on the other side. She continued to run through the forest on the other side until she felt as if she was going to faint. The tan she-cat fell over closed her eyes, her chest heaving up and down rapidly. Her lungs were screaming for air, and despite how much air she took in, it felt as if none of it were reaching her lungs. She opened her eyes and lifted her head up, glancing around where she was, but it felt as if the world was spinning out of control. Her head fell down and she closed her eyes as she fell out of consciousness.
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    This looks great! Sad, but great! Can't wait for the next part.

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