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Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by nikkiwikki234, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. UnMuteYaBoy

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    Pack Name: The Pack of Lost Lakes

    Pack Leader: Net. IGN: UnMuteYaBoy

    Ruler: The Ruler is the leader and head brawler and scavenger of the pack. (I removed the part about the Ruler not having a mate).The Ruler can do whatever he/she wants, but the Decider advised the decisions that the Ruler should make. The Head Decider will become the ruler after the Ruler dies.

    Decider: The Decider helps the Ruler make all of his important decisions that he/she will make. These decisions do not have to be followed by the Ruler, and if the Ruler disagrees with these Decisions, he has the choice to banish the Decider and/or the Decider Trainee.

    Trainees: These are the Pack of Lost Lakes versions of apprentices. The Ruler will decide if the learner is a scavenger or a brawler, but this decision is advised by the Decider. A Trainee is picked out for the Collector and Decider.

    Brawler: These cats are the ones picked by the Ruler to fight for the pack. They are trained with no mercy or code, and if they have a cat in a near death situation, the Brawler is trained to kill the cat.

    Scavenger: These are the cats picked out by the Ruler to hunt for the pack. They are trained no battle skills, leaving them defenseless against cats. Net claims them to be the most valuable cats, as they could fight with hunting moves.

    Birthers: These are the cats in the pack that are giving birth to new born kits. Birthers are still allowed to brawl and scavenge while they are in the birthers den, though.

    Collectors: These are the Medicine Cats for this Pack. The Head Collector will pick out a learner to be the Collector Learner. They are also trained in battle moves and hunting in their spare time. They are allowed to have Mates, unlike the clans.

    Pack Type: A mix of rogues and loners
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  2. Mythic Gaming

    Mythic Gaming Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    Pack Name: Pack of the Roaming Wind

    Pack Leader Name and IGN: Genghis, roleplayed by Mythic_Gaming

    Rank Names and Descriptions:

    Khan: Leader of the pack. Rules until death. As part of the honorific of being Khan, Khan is put at the end of their name when they are mentioned (i.e. Genghis Khan). The Khan is also responsible for Justice and every decision made by the Khan is final, no matter what.

    Jinong: Heir to the Khan, chosen from among the Khan's sons.

    Khuu/Gonji: The other sons/daughters of the Khan respectively.

    Tumetu: Leader of the Daichin and acts as the Khan's second in command during a large battle, or will take command in the absence of the Khan

    Noyon: Organizes the Pack for the Khan, having authority over all the Cats not under command of the Khan or Tumetu

    Emch: The healer of the Pack, they use herbs to heal the other members of the Pack.

    Akhlagch: The elders of the pack. They are the parents of the Daichin. They are respected and revered for being the wise cats of the clan. However if their family isn't considered worthy enough to be part of the Pack they are left behind with them.

    Daichin: Act as warriors of a Clan, they are also fathers (usually). Each Daichin must hunt for themselves and their family. If no Daichin is present in a family or there are no Surgagch they are left behind, not being deemed worthy to live with the Pack.

    Eej: The mothers in families. They are mates to the Daichin and are expected to be cared for by the Daichin. They are not expected to fight and hunt with the Daichin, but they are allowed to. If the Eej of a family can prove themself to be just as effective as the Daichin they may take over their responsibilities and keep their family in the Pack. They can also become Noyon to be worthy to stay.

    Surgagch: Sons under the Daichin. Always trained by the Daichin of the family. They will never become Daichin until their father dies of becomes a Akhlagch. If they are born under a Noyon they will be trained as a Noyon

    Okhin: Daughters in families. They are not expected to be trained but if they wish to be, they can ask their Daichin to train them. If their father is a Noyon they will be trained as a Noyon.

    Pack Type: Rogues
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  3. Anju

    Anju Well-Known Member

    Pack Name: Pack of the Fainted

    Pack Leaders Names and IGNs: Leonie Villanueva (Seffualities) and [insert future name that Painteh chooses] (Painteh)

    Rank Names and Descriptions:
    Chef: Leaders of the pack. There are at almost always two Chefs to ensure the best decisions for the pack. They rule until retirement, demotion, or death. They rule over everyone in the pack.

    Adjoint: Deputies of the pack. There are usually up to three Adjoints, which only two make it to leadership. The one who doesn't make it, is usually demoted to Head-Combattant or Head-Chasseur. They help make decisions with the Chefs, as well as have power over everyone in the pack besides the Chefs.

    Guerisseur: Healer of the pack. There is only one Guerisseur, whom helps with anything to do with herbs and healing to do with the pack, they appoint a Guer-Apprenti and train them their ways.

    Guer-Apprenti: The apprentice of the Guerisseur. They train to understand the ways of healing and herbs, and use them to help their pack. There is only one Guer-Apprenti.

    Combattant: The fighters of the pack. There are up to four of these, including the Head-Combattant, which is one rank below an Adjoint. Besides fighting, Combattants also do border patrols.

    Chasseur: The hunters of the pack. There are up to four of these, one of which is the Head-Chasseur, being the same rank level as the Head-Combattant and one rank under an Adjoint. Chasseurs can fight, but only if needed, as they usually resort to hunting.

    Constructeur: The builders of the pack. There are four of these, but there isn't a Head-Constructeur. These cats are responsible for building new dens, enlarging old dens, and many other things having to do with building.

    Apprenti: Apprentices of the pack. They are trained the ways of a Chasseur, Combattant, and a Constructeur, and usually have 3 mentors during their Apprenticeship. During their final test, and Adjoint tests them and assigns them to the rank they are best at.

    Reine: Queens of the pack. They are located in the Reine & Chaton den, and care for their kits.

    Chaton: Kits of the pack. They are apprenticed to mentors when they reach the age of 5 moons.

    Aine: Elders of the pack. They are retired Chefs, Adjoints, Combattants, Chasseurs, Constructeurs, or Guerisseurs.

    Morte: Simply the name for the dead cats of the clan.

    Pack Type: Mainly loners, with the exception of 2-3 rogues.
  4. Mythic Gaming

    Mythic Gaming Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    As we are moving to a new map and a disaster is occurring I've taken the opportunity to scrap my old pack in favor of a new one since 1. The old one never got anyone in it (sad) and 2. Rp fun times at having a pack that's from the new area. So prepare thouselves. Roma Invicta!

    Pack Name: Pack of the Wolf Twins

    Pack Leader Name and IGN: Publius, IGN Mythic_Gaming

    Rank Names and Descriptions:
    Consul: Leader of the Pack, as voted by the Senators (Can be declared Dictator by Senators in times of crisis)

    Senators: Elders of the Pack. Are cared for by the rest and may now join the Senate for meetings and voting sessions.

    Principes: The fighting cats and workforce of the Pack, they are drilled and disciplined to peak combat effectiveness, their lives focused solely on the survival and expansion of the pack. They make up the rear of the Pack's often rigid fighting formation.

    Equites: The light and lithe of the clan, these faster cats forage and hunt for the clan, as well as fighting on the flanks during combat in an effort to harass the enemy and flank around.

    Medicus: The healers of the pack. Multiple Medici may be active at a time, additionally their Hastati gain the title of Medicae Hastati instead, and work with the Medici to heal instead of fighting with the other Hastati.

    Hastati: The apprentices of the Pack, these young cats are trained to either be Equites or Principes. If they are trained by an Equite then they shall fight on the flanks and hunt. If they are trained by a Principe they shall fight and work. They make up the front and center of the formation, used to tire out and wear down enemies to make it easier for the Principes to break them, making it a very precarious and deadly period in a young cats life.

    Oracle: The Oracle is the religious head of the Pack, delivering messages from the "gods" of the Pack. They are often outsiders, although they're revered whenever the need arises for them to stray into Roma.

    Plebeian: The kits of the Clan, they are looked after by their parents until they grow old enough (5 moons) to be a Hastati.

    Pack Type: Rogue

    As this is a tad bit unorthodox due to the nature of the map change and all that, if there is an issue then please DM me in discord so I may address it.
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  5. Cockatoo123

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