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Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by Paintfury, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Hi there. I did make a thread a few months ago based around entering your character into the wiki, however, I think a new post and form would help clear any clutter. If you already posted your character before, feel free to copy/paste or send me a link to a Google Docs page. Of course, if you'd like to add a new cat, feel free!
    • I will only be adding high ranked cats into the wiki. This includes medicine cats, medicine cat apprentices, deputies, and leaders.
    • You can make a form for as many characters as you wish.
    • The longer the bio, the better!
    Here is the form below. Make sure to include all information if it is known! If you can remember IGNs, that would also be great! If not, then don't worry about it.


    Age: [In moons]
    IGN: [Your In-Game-Name]
    Past Names: [Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, etc.]
    Clan: [And any past affiliations]
    Status: [Deceased, alive, warrior of Clan, etc.]
    Cause of Death: [If deceased]
    Residence: [If deceased, or when they die - LightClan, Shadow Forest, or Void]
    Family: [Mother, father, siblings, kits; also include whether they are alive or deceased] [If played by someone else, please list IGNs]
    Mate(s): [If played by someone else, please list IGNs]
    Mentor(s)/Apprentice(s): [If played by someone else, please list IGNs]
    Backstory: [Please include the number of moons added with each rank. For example, a kit is 1-6 moons, an apprentice is 6-12 moons, etc.]
    High Rank Positions: [Preceded by, succeeded by]
    Lives Given: [If leader, list the cats that gave a life and what each virtue was. For example, "Batstar: gave the life of honesty"]

    That's about it! Thank you if you take the time to do this. I appreciate every form that comes in and I love adding new ones to the wiki. This way, your memory can become a part of FL history forever. Have fun!
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