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Flight Class - A Very Short Short Story

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Hilow Peoples!, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Hilow Peoples!

    Hilow Peoples! Well-Known Member

    Okay, so, this story idea has been festering around in my brain for years, and I figured I should finally do something with it. Here's a bit of background: Flip is a sheltered prodigy in the art of flying, a skill that is looked upon with awe in a world filled with pixies and fairies. He is bright-eyed and hopeful, but not always aware of the struggles most others face. Flop is a disabled pixie who was born lame (unable to fly in this world), and who has a terrible time fitting in.

    And with that, let the story begin (criticism would be highly appreciated :p):

    “So, how about we go tomorrow?” Flip had asked Friday, yesterday.​

    Flop had never been the most nervous pixie in the world, but when Flip offered to take him flying the​
    nervous anxiety had swallowed him full, leaving him a shaking, compliant mess. Flop had supposedly agreed in his anxious confusion, and the day had passed by in what felt like seconds. Flip knew Flop couldn’t fly, and yet there he was, rambling about how great it was going to be from the doorframe leading outside. Flop honestly hadn’t known how to turn his friend down, especially since he had already arrived, and he couldn’t back out now. No, definitely not now, as his older sister Camas plopped a helmet on his head and told him to be back by 7 for dinner. Not when Flip was waiting so excitedly by the door. No, Flop had to be strong and fearless, as he exited through the door and let his friend pull him into a crushing hug. Flop pushed past the bubbling froth of fear churning in his stomach, waving goodbye to his family, shutting the door. He swallowed nervously before he began sliding down the long, thick leaves leading to the ground.

    “You want to take the practice course first or just straight up go for it?” Flip asked casually, hovering just​
    above the ground as he watched Flop continue to maneuver his way down the leaves. Flop simply shrugged as he reached the ground, a small gesture that only Flip could detect. Flip began to spin around Flop, as he walked forwards, waiting impatiently for his real response.

    “Look, I don’t care, okay?” Flop sighed, shifting the helmet to let his spy flower, an all-truthful indicator of​
    one’s feelings that every pixie had, pop out of the top. Flip chuckled lightly, prodding Flop’s spy daisy. Flop growled and shooed the hands away, a large pout growing on his face.

    “I know you care.” Flip grinned, now flying just above Flop on his stomach. “You wouldn’t be walking so fast​
    if you were fine with it.”

    Flop slowed his gait instinctively, glaring up at Flip. “Well, you know I can’t fly.” he huffed, crossing his arms​
    as he continued on to the Safe Flight area, a small, community flight zone made for newly born pixies and fairies just learning to fly. He struggled to keep his footsteps light and airy, like a normal pixie’s walk. “So why do you think I would ever want to try flying?”

    Flip rolled onto his back, somehow still flying as he lay in the air. “Well, yeah, duh.” Flip quipped, flicking his​
    own spy flower, a bright bluebell that was always drooping. “But, still, I think you’d like it. It’s in a pixie’s blood to fly, you know?”

    Flop huffed again in response, stopping just as he reached the “Free Fly” zone, a newer addition to the park​
    for next-level fliers. He was lucky his family lived so close, or else he was sure he would have lost his nerve. “What do you even expect me to do now?” he asked begrudgingly, peering over the edge of the cliff face that signified the zone. “Plummet to my death?”

    Flip, instead of replying, chuckled from somewhere above him, and suddenly he felt hands gripping his arm,​
    yanking him into the air.

    “Flip!” Flop screeched, his legs kicking against the open air. “What are you doing?!”

    Flip grunted, tossing Flop into the air for a short moment as he readjusted his hands under both of Flop’s​
    arms. “You’re much lighter than I thought you’d be, for someone so tall.” Flip noted, his eyes shimmering with mischief. “But, uh, if you keep struggling I might drop you.”

    Flop fell limp in his friend’s arms, panting from his futile attempt at escape. He shot an angry look up at Flip​
    as they moved away from the ground and off the edge of the cliff, the ground now what seemed like miles below his feet. Flop let out a shuddering breath, keeping his eyes forwards on the cliff-face right across from them. “I hate you.” Flop hissed, grabbing onto Flip’s forearms.

    Flip giggled, rolling his eyes. “Sure you do, Mister Happy Daisy.” he mocked jokingly. Flop growled,​
    pretending to be mad at his spy flower for snitching on him, but a few moments later he giggled as well, slowly growing into full on laughter.

    “Okay, fine.” Flop admitted. “This is pretty… fun, like, in a terrifying way. Kind of depressing I can’t do this all​
    the time like everyone else, but, still fun.” And then, as soon as it started, Flop’s feet were already on the hard stone of the ground. He frowned slightly, looking back over the chasm as Flip landed silently next to him.

    “Same time tomorrow?” his friend asked with a grin.​

    Flop smiled, “Same time tomorrow.”​
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  2. Peyton c:

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    This is so cute!
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  3. Le Amazing Ocelot

    Le Amazing Ocelot Retired Retired

    hello I love this
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  4. Hilow Peoples!

    Hilow Peoples! Well-Known Member

    Ack I'm glad you liked it!

    Hello I'm happy you loved it thank you for reading it :p
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