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Glittering Frost During Moonhigh - Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Birmanista, Mar 21, 2018.

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    3 moons later...
    "Shimmer. Shimmer!" a small voice yelled across the nursery, and a blob of long white fur zoomed across the den. She was heading towards another blob of white fur, sleeping in the corner of a cave.

    "Shimmer! The Commander, he just called for a meeting and asked for us to step up for our Trainee ceremony! You've got to get up!" Glitter shouted, shaking her sleeping sister violently.

    "Wh-wha..." Shimmer managed to get out, looking up blearily at Glitter.

    "We're getting our mentors today, Shimmer!"

    "What? Why didn't you wake me up earlier!" Shimmer shrieked, squabbling up and out of the moss den and running towards the exit of the nursery. Glitter followed suit, playfully rolling her eyes.

    "Because I didn't know why he was calling a meeting!" Glitter replied, looking up at the Commander on the High Ledge, slowing down her pace. Shimmer slowed down too, and eventually, they both sat in front on the High Ledge, ready to continue. The Commander chuckled.

    "Thank you, Glitter, for getting your sister over here." he meowed, continuing with the ceremony.

    "Now, if I may continue. You two are both old enough to become Trainees, and that is what I've gathered everyone here for. Now, it is a lot of hard work to be able to train to become a Guardian, but I believe you two are ready for it. Glitter and Shimmer, I, as Commander of the Pack of Falling Sleet, give you my permission to become Trainees. Glitter, your mentor will be Waves that Strike the Sky and Sea. And Shimmer, your mentor will be Flowing Creek in Green-leaf." The mentors, Wavestrike and Flowingcreek, walked up to the new Trainees and touched their respective Trainees' noses. The rest of the Pack, meanwhile, chanted the new Trainees' names, and Glitter and Shimmer swelled with pride. "Pack dismissed." The Commander stated, and he climbed down from the High Ledge, heading for a group of cats, starting a hunting patrol.

    Glitter and Shimmer looked up towards their mentors with their iconic eyes and bounced on their toes. "Can we join? Please?" they both pleaded in a sibling type of unison.

    Wavestrike looked towards Flowingcreek, who was chuckling all the while. "I don't think you know how to hunt for hares, do you?" he asked, silently screaming inside. He had heard all of the stories that others told him of how the siblings worked together in what could be attributed to having complete harmony. Now he was stuck training one of them. How fun, he thought to himself, wondering what mischief they could get themselves in now that they could go out of the camp.

    "No," Glitter said, shuffling her paws.

    "But can you teach us?" Shimmer perked up, causing her sister to look up too.

    "Of course, it's a skill that's required in the pack. But not now, you two go get some rest and get accustomed to the Trainees' den. You need it for tomorrow's training sessions." Flowingcreek said a tiny little smile on her face. Personally, she was having the complete opposite thoughts and feelings about training Shimmer and was a little bit excited. She was her first Trainee, and she was determined to train her right.
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    Rest in many, many pieces Wavestreak. Also this is so adorable my heart cannot hhh

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