Glittering Frost During Moonhigh - Prologue

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    (oops, look what I did, I decided to skip writing the next chapter for larko and went straight to glittering)

    Several moons ago on a warm new-leaf day, a small kit was born. She was one of two kits born in that litter and was the smallest of the two. However, her fur, being long and fluffy, somewhat covered up the fact that she was smaller. Her sister and herself looked so much alike, that they could be considered twins, which probably explains why they both had similar names: Glittering and Shimmering. Both of their pelts mimicked how snow looks when the moonlight hits it at just the right angle and brightness, and they were both proud that they were constantly compared to such a beautiful thing.

    Even more than that, the two sisters were best of friends. They would constantly play games with each other, and would always make sure the other wasn't in danger. Glittering and Shimmering were basically inseparable, and anyone who knew the two kits knew this. There was no chance in the world that they would leave the other behind on purpose.

    So, skipping ahead to three moons later, the two kits were sitting in the Nursery, talking quietly near their mother as she slept, making sure to not wake her up.

    "So, sis, you wanna go outside while mom sleeps?" Glittering asked Shimmering, prodding her sister's paw with her own paw.

    "I dunno, she could wake up at any minute. Plus I'm tired, Glittering, yesterday's game of moss ball exhausted me."

    "Oh come on, Shimmering! Don't you want to have fun today? Look at the sun!" she pointed towards the entrance, and Shimmering followed her sister's gaze. "It's so bright, so warm! We can't waste a day like this!"

    "You kept me up all night last night complaining how the other kits cheated in the game." Shimmering whined.

    "I'm right though, right?"

    "Yeah, sure, whatever." Shimmering shrugged, wishing her sister wasn't this excitable in mornings.

    "Then let's go out there, and show them what it's like to not cheat to win!" Glittering chirped quietly. At this, their mom groaned, turning over towards the kits. One eye opened, and she looked at the sister's playfully bickering.

    "What are you two doing?" she purred, amused, at first, by their little squabble.

    "I'm trying to get Shimmering to go outside with me, but-"

    "-I'm tired, and I just want to sleep." Shimmering finished Glittering's sentence, sighing. "Can you tell her to just take a nap?"

    "Wha-" Glittering squeaked, playfully cuffing her sister's head with a tiny sheathed paw. "Naps waste time, Shimmering! Mom!"

    "Kids, stop yelling!" the older she scolded, causing the sisters to quiet down. "You'll wake the other kits up!"

    "Sorry." both of them mewled an apology, both glancing at each other.

    "Now, to solve this little problem. Shimmering, you can take a nap." Shimmering mewed a little cheer of success, more than happily curling up next to her mother and closing her eyes. The queen wrapped her tail around her child. "Now Glittering-"

    "Yeah?" the smaller she responded, looking up to her mom with her tiny, yet wide, blue eyes. They almost glittered.

    "You should learn the benefits of napping. It helps you to refresh and see the world with more alert eyes."
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    I can't wait to see more of Glittering's back story :)! Nice job!

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