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//Heronmist\\ Fanfic

Discussion in 'Fan Fics' started by Doostie, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Doostie

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    Chapter 1: Not normal

    "You'll never become a warrior if you keep being who you are, Heronkit."
    A little voice sneered, followed by a reply;
    "Yeah, weirdo."
    A third voice came in a squeak;
    "Guys, don't be m-"
    "Shut up, Shadowkit!" The first kit snapped.
    The second kit snickered, and meowed;
    "You'll definitely be deputy one day, Crushkit."
    The first kit, Crushkit, replied with his chin raised;
    "Mistkit, I think I know that already."
    Heronkit, the little kit trembling in the corner, stared at the three, fear glowing brightly in her eyes. Crushkit looked at her, kicking her side, "Go die, Heronkit," he sneered, and turned, before lashing his tail in Heron's face. Shadowkit stayed for 2 heartbeats, before dashing at the growl;
    "Come on Shadowkit!"
    * * * *
    "From now on, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Heronpaw!"
    The yowl rang around the clearing of EclipseClan, followed by the happy cheers;
    "Heronpaw, Heronpaw, Heronpaw!!!"
    Heronpaw, looked around at them all, and her gaze landed on the apprentices. Shadowpaw, Crushpaw, and Mistpaw. They had they're eyes narrowed, except for Shadowpaw, who was cheering, and lately shushed by Crushpaw's tail. Shadowpaw, looked at her paws, her tail drooping. Heronpaw glared at them, and padded down the stones, into the apprentices den. Everycat hates me.... she thought bitterly, Just because I'm transgender...

    I hope you guys liked it!! :D

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