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How to Apply for Town Zoning

Discussion in 'Town Zoning Applications' started by Jehosophat_MFGC, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. Jehosophat_MFGC

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    If you want your town to be recognized and zoned as an actual town with a warp, entry and exit message, and subregions, you will need to submit an application by starting a new thread in this forum with the proposed name of your town as the title of the thread.

    Your application for town zoning MUST include the following:

    • Why you want your town to be an officially recognized town.
    • The plan for your town, including how many people you will allow to build there, size, amenities,
      theme, etc.
    • How many people have committed to living in your town. You MUST have at least 5 (including yourself) to be considered for town zoning.
    • Proposed name of your town.
    • Town location.
    • Requested warp name if town zoning is approved.
    • Requested entry/exit messages for your town.
    • Town rules. (Remember ALL server rules will still apply to your town.)

    The MFGC Staff will review your application and determine if it is acceptable or not. We may require you to provide additional information in order for us to make a decision. Decisions are made on a weekly basis, so it may take several days to get a response, depending on when you apply. Please be patient. We reserve the right to ask for changes in your name, plan, etc before approving your town for zoning.

    If your application for town zoning is approved, you will be granted the following:

    • Full town status and zoning.
    • Warp for your town.
    • Protected region for your town.
    • Entry/exit message of your choice for your town.
    • Subregions will be allowed and set by mods for a fee. $2K MFC (MyFallen Cash) per add or change of subregions. Initial plot owners will get free region protection as always.
    • Listing of your town in the Town Registry at Spawn
Thread Status:
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