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I Don't Have A Name But Here's A Story Prologue

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, May 23, 2017.

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    The fearless rebellion marched towards the palace, led by an intimidating looking man on horseback, LeAnna’s father. The rebellion was marching against a corrupt empire that valued riches over its people. The group numbered in the hundreds, but the imperial army numbered in the thousands.

    Unknown to her father, LeAnna marched among the men. She wore a disguise so she was not easily recognized. She didn't wish to fight, but she agreed with the ideas of the rebellion. But most of all, she did not want her father to die in battle.

    The sky was clear, with a couple of wispy clouds floating here and there. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and the temperature was perfect to participate in outdoor activities, but the town was quiet. Then, over the horizon, stallions came into view. The imperial army had arrived to fight off the rebellion. The rebellion leader drew his sword, then the rebellion drew theirs, followed by the army.

    The pounding of hoofs and feet filled the air, soon to be followed by screams of anguish and shouts of pain. Then bodies started to hit the dirt, lifeless. Almost as if there had never been any life within them at all.

    LeAnna looked around desperately for her father. Then she spotted him sitting atop his black stallion in a fight with an imperial warrior. She drew her sword and ran at him, knocking the warrior off of his white horse. He didn't get back up.

    LeAnna looked around, people were dying left and right. She fought to fend off the soldiers when she heard a shout of anguish behind her. Her father’s. She turned around but it was already too late. There was a man on a pure white horse wearing regal attire and a brimmed hat with a veil that covered his face. The prince. He was holding a sword that had pierced her father’s chest, and he fell off the horse, limp, as the prince rode away.

    LeAnna stood frozen in shock. She heard footsteps behind her, but turned around only to be faced with charging soldiers on horseback, knocking into her as they rode past so hard she became unconscious.

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  2. Dat_Rainbow_Cat

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    Wow... This is nice....

    No joke I think this has a really good chance of getting recognized.
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