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"I'll never be a warrior.." - Patchkit/paw and Swirlingleaf

Discussion in 'Fan Fics' started by Patchcloudy, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Patchcloudy

    Patchcloudy Well-Known Member

    Patchkit was sitting in camp, her head hanging. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to be a normal cat in the clans. She couldn’t run, it would make her breathing slow and eventually stop. Patchkit got up and padded towards the Medicine cat den her ears perked. “Hey, Swirlingleaf!” The kit chirped, having known this old cat for awhile. Since she was a couple moons younger. “How are you, Patchkit?” Swirlingleaf bent down a secret obviously on her mind. “Good you?!” Patchkit chirped her tail swaying along the ground, happily. She really loved this cat like another mother. “I’m well, but Patchkit… I need you to get out. I hear a coughing cat. Come back later.” She nodded, walking out a frown appearing on her face again. “I’ll never be a warrior.” Patchkit said to herself, her tail drooping.

    Later, Patchkit walked into Swirlingleaf’s den, she was about to turn Six moons, she couldn’t wait but. She paused //I’ll never be a warrior..// She thought her head drooping for a moment. Patchkit padded inside the den. “Swirlingleaf, Hi!” She said perking up again. “Hello, Patchkit.” The older cat smiled down at her. “Can I ask you a question?” Patchkit nodded. “Do you want to be my apprentice?” Patchkit paused her eyes widening. “Of course, I do..” Patchkit smiled, warmly. Swirlingleaf rested her tail on the kit’s shoulder. “Then you are. Now Patchpaw…” She smiled. Patchpaw giggled, “Thank you thank you!” As Patchpaw walked out Swirlingleaf said “Follow your fate, Patch..”
  2. KadyTheLlama

    KadyTheLlama Well-Known Member

    That was quick.
  3. Dat_Rainbow_Cat

    Dat_Rainbow_Cat Well-Known Member

    That was quick,

    but noice
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  4. Slushy

    Slushy Member

    Was a pretty short story, but it was lovely!

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