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I'll Never Fit In. (Undertale, Human and Monsters)

Discussion in 'Human' started by ChemicallyPeridot, Jan 27, 2016.


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  1. ChemicallyPeridot

    ChemicallyPeridot Well-Known Member



    What if the barrier was never broken?

    What if Frisk stayed?

    What if...


    Frisk sighed, pressing their hands against the cold snow. They knew they'd never leave the Underground, that was for sure. 'Course, that didn't mean they were completely okay with it. They loved Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore, Mettaton...everyone, really. But they wanted to see the sun again, feel real rain against their skin, see their human friends (though honestly, did Frisk even have any? They weren't too sure anymore. The Underground was pretty familiar now.), have real human food...Of course, Frisk could cook, they would be able to teach the others, but that was different. They bit their lip as they stood on their tip-toes, finally getting that last little glob of snow up. A snowman. "I  wonder what Sans and Papyrus will think! Then again, I think Sans is asleep, and Papyrus is out training..Oh well."


    Frisk shook the thought away and picked up a few little rocks and pebbles, trying to complete their creation. But...what would be the nose? They'd have to get Sans  to put one of those empty ketchup bottles there or something.


    "hey, kiddo."


    Frisk jumped, almost knocking over their snowman. Realizing who it was, they laughed and ran over to their (wonderful) skeleton friend, giving him a hug and a big, bright smile. "you seem pretty happy about that skull-ture, huh?" "Mhm! It's a snowman!" "youre pretty cold, kid. how about we go inside? im sure paps wont mind." Frisk sighed and nodded, starting to walk towards Sans and Papyrus' house, before stopping themselves and sticking their tongue out. "Carry me in, Sans." He seemed a tiny bit confused, but shrugged and picked the child up. "hey, youre pretty heavy. dont make me break a bone."


    They laughed a real laugh, for one of the first few times in their life.

    Yet something still lingered in the back of their mind.

    A thought.

    A thought that said...

    'I'll never fit in.'
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  2. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester New Member

    *slowly clings to* 
  3. Rat_Dog

    Rat_Dog Well-Known Member

  4. nyeheheh

    nyeheheh Retired Retired


    is beautiful 
  5. Le Amazing Ocelot

    Le Amazing Ocelot Retired Retired

    aaaaaaaaaa it's so beautifuuuuuul
  6. Lizzy (Breezy!)

    Lizzy (Breezy!) Retired Retired

    This is great. I want more. :D

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