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    Hi there!
    My name is Lilu, the creator of the PC games platform alongside Jeho and Kris.
    OK, here you can make your own video game - grab a team, do some work and make it reality!
    We've been working on this for quite a long time so I hope you enjoy it and make a video game (in the end).

    First, in this section, you must come up with an idea, why should people help you, and try lure people to help create your game. Once you have a team and a good idea, Me, Kris, Jeho, Sandy or Kristy will grant you access to the PC games workshop.
    What is the 'PC games workshop'?
    It's when your development of the game takes another step closer to your goal - making your game reality! Right now, you will not be able to get in to the PC games workshop. Don't worry, it's for everyone! Like I said, once you complete Development and are given access to the workshop, you will be able to get in there. You will give you resources like how to actually create the game, with a lot of video game programs (they're free) to help you. Believe it or not, you can get it published. You can also test other Beta games!

    So, make an idea, get a team and get creative!
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  2. Jehosophat_MFGC

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    I am so excited about this! I can't wait to see what our community creates!
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  3. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

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    Me too! :)

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