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Jail Based Town?

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by Soapy193, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Soapy193

    Soapy193 New Member

    Me, waffles, and epic are working on a jailbased town. It is very basic atm. We only have cobble walls and floor (HUGE) 

    But best of all...we have permission to build with bedrock!!

    So if you want to help contact Waffles.

    If you want to see contact me (i have a /home, he doesn't)

    So I want to thank some of the admins on helping with the bedrock and the W/E.

    I will give updates on how the town is going by editing this post!

    BTW, I think we are naming it Alcatraz. 
  2. Elijahboo7

    Elijahboo7 New Member

    when will it open and can I join?
  3. digger_8504

    digger_8504 New Member

    All i know from what waff told me is that its supposedly gonna have "gangs" and will sort of be and open warzone....

    Not quite sure that a real town i would live in but i might visit.....
  4. Soapy193

    Soapy193 New Member

    Yea itll be unique, waffles even yelled at me using mail in phoenix telling me not to build until he tells be :eek:
  5. epicgreengamer

    epicgreengamer New Member

    I saw it it is cool
  6. Trex96

    Trex96 New Member

    sounds like it would be awsome i wouldnet mind a peak at it
  7. SupriseItsEthan

    SupriseItsEthan New Member

    Sounds cool!

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