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Lady Butt x Mr Hat part 1

Discussion in 'Human' started by Sparta (LiluTheCat), Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

    Sparta (LiluTheCat) Retired Retired

    Lady Butt waited patiently on the bench, her bootyful hair flicking in a sudden gust of wind. Out of the mist, stood Mr Hat. Mr Garrison, the grumpy dad of Mr Hat, grunted to himself, opening a magazine and sitting on the front of his car. Mr Hat stepped slowly closer to Lady Butt, who was still in shock she was seeing the Mr Hat. He placed a hand on her bare leg, stroking it awkwardly. Lady Butt felt a little uncomfortable but she knew in her heart, he was just as socially awkward. Mr Hat thruster back his arm, suddenly and quickly sitting beside her. 'Foggy day..' she brought up to create conversation. Mr Hat paused. Looking round at the moist air, he finally replied with a, "Yeah."
    Lady Butt intentionally dropped her pen and dropped down to pick it up. As returning to her normal position, her dark purple eyes met with Mr Hat's minty green eyes. He breathed in as their heads steadily were drawn closer. He pecked her on the cheek, feeling a little hasty. Lady Butt looked a little disappointed but blushed all the same. "I'm sorry..." Mr Hat sighed, running his hand through his light brown beard and hair, taking off his striped top hat. "Why are you sorry?" Lady Butt innocently responded, placing her delicate hand on his knee. "I can understand you didn't want to move that quickly." Mr Hat looked flustered. He got up, dipped his head and walked off back to Mr Garrison, calling, "Call me."
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  2. Lizzy (Breezy!)

    Lizzy (Breezy!) Retired Retired

    Is this even appropiate smh this is amazing
  3. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

    Sparta (LiluTheCat) Retired Retired

    hope so XD
  4. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Corvus Ingame Moderator Retired

    11/10 good job Lilu

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