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Listen - An Original Song/Poem

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Birmanista, Jul 6, 2017.


Should I write a guitar part and record myself w/ guitar and post it on YouTube?

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  1. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    So uh, hi there. Again. Before I start, check out the poll on the top of this page, if I should record myself singing it and write out a guitar part for it too. Sadly I probably won't be able to post it on the forums, because audio files are mean, but I'll see if I can post it on like youtube or something lmbo.

    Anyways, this is a song I've been writing for the past couple days, kind of trying to put my emotions and thoughts into words and bam, this happened. Best way I can ask for you to read it is as a poem, because I dunno what I was thinking about the rhythm mentally. It's also a bit personal in a way? So keep advised, has nothing bad just, keep advised.

    Onto the song/poem/whatever you want to call it! A love sonnet could work too!

    Have you ever felt
    like a politician?
    When people only listen
    to the things your job entails.

    Or have you ever dealt
    with the realization
    that your problems and idealizations
    mean nothing at all?

    Everyday I've faced this,
    I say something of personal meaning
    but everyone talks away
    without giving the words I say
    a listen.

    Tell me, what's it like?
    Having people ask you questions
    That always don't relate to your occupation,
    Questions that are about your life?

    Is it great? Is it grand?
    Really, I wish I could be bold
    So people can't be cold
    to me, myself and I.

    Everyday I've faced this,
    I try to speak my mind
    but everyone walks away
    without giving the words I say
    a listen.

    Why must this happen?
    All I want to do
    Is to give others the clue
    That I want to talk with them.
    To speak with them.
    To converse with them.
    To have them listen.

    Everyday I've faced this,
    I listen to everyone's problems.
    But they don't hear mine.
    They don't give the words I say
    a listen.
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  2. Owlie

    Owlie Well-Known Member

    Birm, I sing and play instruments also, and this is ammmmaaaaaaziiing!
  3. Dat_Rainbow_Cat

    Dat_Rainbow_Cat Well-Known Member

    Beautiful! I wuvs <3
    It's me, Tib btw. One question, what is the server IP? I kind of forgot it and I can't enter the server >.<
  4. Prackers

    Prackers Well-Known Member

  5. Le Amazing Ocelot

    Le Amazing Ocelot Retired Retired

    yOU bETtER sINg iT

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