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Discussion in 'The Sofans Request Shop' started by Pengu, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Pengu

    Pengu Retired Retired

    Ello good chaps, I've been getting better at drawing and I think I'm ready to open a request shop though idk if I'll get any requests. Fill out the forum below and I should have it made later that day or the next, depending the time I see the request, how difficult/intricate it is, ext. For now I can only do the drawings on printer paper as I dont have access do a proper drawing app and stylus. All art will be posted in the gallery unless you want me to send it to you privately, then include an email, skype or something to send it to. If you want more than one in a drawing (except eyes, I will only do one eye) then fill out multiple and please don't pile it onto one fourm. Also list where each one is in extra details and if its doing something with another character

    Human (Chibi-like stuff only)

    Name: (If you want it writen somewhere on it, also say where)
    Colored?: (Yes/No)
    Bolded: (Yes/No; If selected yes, will be done in sharpie instead of pencil)
    Shot: (Full body, Head, Just Head, Waist and Up, ect)
    Skin Tone: (If color is selected)
    Hair Color: (If color is selected)
    Hair Sytle:
    Extra Details: (Blush, Bangs, Jewelry, ect)
    Clothes: (Ignore if headshot is selected)
    Expression: (I don't do these very well :/)

    Eyes (I can do these really well)

    Color: (Yes/No)
    Bolded: (Yes/No; Instead of pencil, sharpie is used if yes)
    Iris Color: (Ignore if color isnt selected; Be very specific and if its two colors, name which is closer to the pupil first please)
    Expression: (Eyebrow expression)
    Inner Pupil Drawing: (a skyline, a cat, a tree, ect)
    Makeup: (Yes/No; Includes Winglet and possibly eyeshadow)
    Pointed or Rounded: (Corners of the eye pointed or rounded? If none selected, defaults to Pointed)
    Eyelashes: (Yes/No)

    Cats (I can only do profile but I can try head on)

    Name: (If you want it displayed in art, list where if selected)
    Colored: (Yes/No)
    Bolded: (Yes/No; Will be done in sharpie instead of pencil)
    Pelt Coloring: (Be very detailed and include all markings)
    Eye Color:
    Extra Details:

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