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Look At The Stars (Superhero Short Story)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Apr 14, 2017.

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    I was sitting on the roof of an apartment building. The action in the city had been pretty low lately, so I decided to just admire the view for once rather than fighting evil. It seemed strange that a usually active town could become so quiet and relaxed, especially at night.

    Just then, the roof door opened. Out stepped a nineteen year old looking boy, with dark brown hair covering his right eye and he appeared to be wearing a light jacket. In his hands, he held a camera in his hands.

    He walked right by me, apparently paying no attention to the fact that I was, you know, a superhero. I was in costume and everything. He merely just joined me sitting at the edge of the building, pointed the lens towards the sky, and started taking pictures.

    Minutes of silence passed. He had taken at least ten when he finally spoke.
    "Look at the stars," he had said. "They really are beautiful."
    I nodded. I had to admit, they were a sight to see.
    "Would you like to try taking a picture?" he asked, turning towards me.
    "Sure," I smiled, carefully taking his camera from his hands.
    I focused, and floated up towards the sky. I looked down on the city and took a picture of the glowing skyscrapers, cars rushing through the streets on a Saturday night, late night pedestrians window shopping and laughing, and the occasional raccoon ransacking a garbage can or pigeon picking up a stray French fry on the sidewalk. Then I turned to the boy, who was sitting on the roof gazing at it all. I snapped a picture. Then I floated back down and handed him back his camera.
    "You're Quill, right?" he asked, smiling.
    "That would be me," I shrugged.
    "Nice to meet you, finally. Thank you for everything you've done for our city."
    "It's no problem at all," I responded cheerfully. "Do you happen to know the time?"
    He pulled out his phone. It read 12:30 am.
    "Oh, I better get home," I sighed. "Nice seeing you."
    "Hopefully we meet again."
    I nodded, then took a running leap off the building, and flew up into the night sky.

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