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Love Live! School Idol Festival

Discussion in 'Mobile Devices' started by Cockatoo123, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Hi I was supposed to start an RP in the Roleplay section but I'm procrastinating so yeah.

    Warning: Very Long. Don't want to read it? There's a summary below it.

    Love Live School Idol Festival (LLSIF for short, or just Love Live) is a rhythm game for mobile devices. Sound boring? Well, it's not. In the game, there are 3 types of songs, Smile attribute, Pure attribute and Cool attribute. In order to play a song, you need a Team, which needs to match the attribute for the song (Usually, people will have 3 teams, 1 for every attribute). What's a team? In Love Live, you need to collect cards in order to form teams. One full team requires 9 cards, or 'members'. Cards are divided by rarity, main attribute, what girl is on it, skill, etc. There are 5 card rarities, Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Super Super Rare and Ultra Rare. Normal cards are the weakest cards while Ultra Rares are the strongest. Rare cards and up have skills, which activate during songs and help you out. There's Score Up cards, which give your score a bonus when activated, Healers, that heal your stamina, Perfect Lockers, which, for a time frame, transform Great and Good's to Perfects. The card in the center of the team is the leader, which will give a team bonus if the card has one (Normal cards do not have them). You collect cards by scouting, or playing songs, and sometimes as event rewards. To scout, you must spend either Friend Points in the Regular Scouting Box (Which has mostly Normals, sometimes Rares), or Love Gems in the Honour Scouting Box (Varies from Rares to Ultra Rares). It takes 100 Friend Points to scout 1 card in the Regular Scouting Box and 5 Love Gems to scout from the Honour Scouting Box. Love Gems are like the premium currency in game, you can use them to scout (that's what most people do), refill LP (don't do it unless you're doing an event) or save you from failing a live show (don't do this. period. it's a waste). Love Gems are earned through completing goals, log in bonuses, event rewards, etc. Savour them. Now, for the actual gameplay, it's pretty much just a rhythm game. There's 5 difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Master. To play a song, you need to spend LP (Live Points) to play. Easy songs cost 5 LP, Normal songs cost 10, Hard costs 15 and Expert and Master cost 25. LP recharges at a rate of 1 LP per 6 minutes, so be careful when spending them. When you select a song, it shows what attribute it is, indicating which team you should use. For a Pure Song (Shown as green), use a team with Pure cards, Smile team for Smile song, etc. The game will ask you to select a friend or guest. Just scroll through the options and pick the person who gives the highest percentage for your attribute. Now, the game. It's a rhythm game. Woah. Scary. The screen shows your 9 cards as circles, forming the shape of a U, with your leader card at the dip of the U. When an icon passes over one of your circles, tap it. Wow. Yeah. Exciting. You'll be scored on how accurate you did on the note, Perfect means you did it perfectly, Great means close enough, Good is... You messed up, how could you. But you don't get any penalties from it. Bad is, well, bad, and deducts some of your stamina, and Miss means you didn't hit the note and it deducts from your stamina. What the heck is Stamina? There's basically a meter that indicates how much stamina you have. When you get a Bad or Miss, it deducts points from your Stamina bar. Once you hit zero, you fail the song. Some cards have a Healer skill and can regenerate your stamina. Now for the different icons. Two Icons with a white line going diagonally mean that they're part of a pair and you should press both of icons at the same time. Yeah wow. Icons with a white stream means hold the note until you reach the end, indicated by a glowing yellow ball at the end. Icons with a star give extra points but you have to get a Perfect or Great on them or else you lose stamina. Everytime you hit an icon and get a Perfect/Great/Good, your score goes up, which is indicated on the top of the screen. There's a tally that counts your exact amount of points and a bar that increases with larger scores. The bar shows you what Score rank you're currently at. There's C rank B rank A rank and S rank. Having no rank means you didn't get a lot of points and S rank means, horray, that's a lot of points. Perfects give you the most points while Goods don't give you much. Why do you need a score? Well first, it's a rhythm game. Second, you can get a bonus card everytime you score C rank or higher (it's usually a normal card, sometimes rare). You also get more EXP if you get C rank or higher. EXP? Another weird term? Yeah. EXP is experience points, which you need to rank up. When you rank up, you can unlock stories in story mode, which gives you things like friend points, coins (don't worry about coins, you won't run out of them, trust me), sometimes love gems and new songs to play. What else... Oh yeah. Your cards, surprise, determine how many points you earn per rhythm icon. Stronger the cards, stronger your team, higher your score. To strengthen your cards you can "Practice" with them, by basically sacrificing other cards to level up your card. Cards have level limits, 20 for Normals, 40 for Rares, 60 for Super Rares, 70 for Super Super Rares and 80 for Ultra Rares. How do you strengthen them even further? You'd need to Special Practice with them. Basically, you combine two of the same cards, which 'idolizes' them and changes their appearance. When idolized, cards are able to gain an additional 20 levels, plus they look good. You could also idolize using seals (stickers) but it doesn't unlock extra skill slots. Skill slots? Oh no, more stuff. I'll make it simple. You basically can attach school idol skills to cards to boost them further, stronger skills need more slots, and rarer cards have more slots. You gain an additional slot when idolizing a card, but not with seals. What else... Combos, yeah. Getting a Great or Perfect on a song lets you start a combo, continuing until you break it by getting a Good or lower. You get a bonus with combos too, horray. Events... I'm not going to explain them, they can be a bit stressfull if you decide to participate in them.

    Luv liv is a rhythm game. Woo. You play songs by choosing one that matches with your team of 9 cards' attribute. The better your team, the higher your score. You press the circles when they fly over your circles. Don't break your combo wombo, woAH. You can sacrifice weak cards to your other cards to make them stronger. You get cards by playing the game or spending your love gems (which are expensive by the way, like $1 for 1) to get the goods. Or friend points. But they aren't very good. You can play story mode which unlocks things. You do good on the job? You earn EXP. Then you rank up, which gives you more songs. woOOO.

    yeah I suck at explaining, if you're interested, play the game, it'll explain itself way better than I did.

    also i was 145th in the recent nico event sob

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