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Discussion in 'The Sofans Request Shop' started by LeCookieLucy, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Okay, quick introduction here; I really like to draw cats, and I want to get better by practicing using character's from FL. I've gotten better then those old pics from Clover's fan-fic. (A LOT better, those ones where blehhh)

    So, just copy this below and I'll try my best ~

    Cats Name(s):

    Eye colour(s): 







    Please note, I can draw up to 3 cats per picture, but kits don't count since they're adorable. Also, the background doesn't have to be a scene of an RP, it can be rainbow, etc, anything! Captions mean, if it's a scene of an RP, I can include words on the picture.

    P.S If I run out of room on the forums, you can MSG me your Skype name, or tell me online on servers  in MSG. If you don't have Skype, there is a chance I cannot show you. 

    Credit to Ash for the name!
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  2. TheLlamaQueen

    TheLlamaQueen Retired Staff Member Retired

    Hi Luceh

    Since the ones from Clovers fan-fic were 'blehhh', can I have another piccy of the Original Ravenkit? Cause I love her even though she was the worst character ever and a traitor and unloyal ;P

    Cats Name(s): Just Ravenkit/paw x3

    Eye colour(s): Emerald/Foresty green

    Description: Ravenkit/paw is a fairly petite little kitten with night-black fur and emerald eyes. White paws and tail tip.

    Background: SpiritClan camp?

    Clan/Other: SpiritClam FTW

    Expression: Sad ;-;

    ​Accessories/Other: Nerp

    Captions: "But don't you see? It's my destiny. I have to leave SpiritClan."

    Please and Thankyou :3
  3. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Consider it done, working on it now. 

    Oh! By the way, if you have a picture of the cat(s) you want drawn just leave a link, that's fine. x3 

    It's been sent to your Skype account. Enjoy ~
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  4. AmberTheTato

    AmberTheTato Retired Retired

    Can you draw one of my chars? ^w^

    Cat name: Fennelcloud

    Eye color: pastel/icy blue

    Description: A pale fluffy gray she cat with white flecks and splashed paws. Icy blue eyes.

    Background: by the EC camp where its snowy and rocky... also make it sunset :3

    Clan/other: Eclipseclan

    expression: a faint smile

    Excessories: hmm... nope

    caption: just her name

    Also, I have a picture of her :p if I could put it here...

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  5. ThatOneDolphin

    ThatOneDolphin Retired Retired

    Good luck on your quest, fair Lucy.

    Can you try drawing me and my friend's characters?

    Cat names: Gumi, Guma

    Eye Colours: Bright green (Gumi) Reddish Orange (Guma)

    Gumi's description: small sleek light brown/tan tabby she-cat

    Guma's description: medium build, light grey she-cat

    Background: A dark forest, some fireflies around them if possible

    Clan/Other: Loner (Gumi), Rogue (Guma)

    Expressions: Scared (Gumi), Evil smile (Guma)

    Accessories: A shiny, red pair of goggles (Gumi), a red/purple colour pair of goggles with a crack in one of the lens (Guma), on their heads.

    Caption: Gumi> "N-No...please..."

    Please and Thank you.

    Also dear owner of the character Guma, I hope I got her description correct.
  6. nyeheheh

    nyeheheh Retired Retired

    Cat Name: Rowankit and Ambersplash

    Eye Colours: Rowankit has sparkling green eyes, Ambersplash has dark amber eyes.

    Descriptions: Ambersplash is a large bulky dark ginger tom with a graying muzzle. Rowankit is a small brown tabby tom with a cream underbelly. He has darker spots and ears.

    Background: In the forest at dawn in EclipseClan territory. Have Ambersplash running with Rowankit in his mouth if possible, and them both being chased by wolves.

    Expressions: Rowankit: Blank Ambersplash: Terrified

    Accessories: None

    Captions: Rowankit> *squeal* Wolves: *growling*

    Oh and Rowankit is EclipseClan while Ambersplash is rogue.

    Moderators Note: Double Posting. Please use the edit button next time.
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  7. ilovepicklestoo

    ilovepicklestoo Retired Retired

    I know that you already have a lot of requests, but here is mine <3 

    Cats Name(s):  Cloverbreeze and Ashwhisker 

    Eye colour(s): (You know Clover's ;D) Ash's eyes are amber 

    Description: Dark grey with black flecks

    Background: The Spiritclan medicine den 

    Clan/Other: Spiritclan 

    Expression: Happy ;u; 

    ​Accessories/Other: -

    Captions: Doesn't have to have one, but if you think of anything feel free to put it. Possibly a quote of Clover's : D
    *The feels* 

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  8. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Amber's, yours is done and sent, enjoy! ^w^

    Dolphin - The image is too large, just PM me if you'd like it sent via email.

    Misty - Sent and done! ^3^

    Pickles - Sent and doneee. Oh how I miss Ash and Clover ;~;

    And when I mean sent, I mean to your Skype accounts. 
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  9. Wolfhuntress

    Wolfhuntress Retired Staff Member Retired

    Cats Name(s): Honeywhisker and Claystar

    Eye colour(s): See image here: http://sta.sh/0ffog6xpzgh(Purple thing on honey is a violet)

    Description: Honeywhisker curled around Claystar in the snow

    Background: Snowy Mountainside

    Clan/Other: Clay: Drift Honey: Meadow

    Expression: Sad

    ​Accessories/Other: See picture

    Captions: "I'm not leaving you, Claystar!"
  10. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Wolf ~ Done and sent, enjoy!
  11. JollyHolly

    JollyHolly Well-Known Member

    Cats Name(s): Hollyfire

    Eye colour(s): Emerald green

    Description: A black she-cat with emerald green eyes

    Background: The corner of Eclipseclan camp

    Clan/Other: Eclipseclam

    Expression: Kind of sad or left out, and she would be watching her clanmates

    ​Accessories/Other: Nupe

    Captions: *Thinking* Will they ever trust me again?
  12. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Holly ~ Request done and sent, hope you like it ~
  13. LeKay

    LeKay New Member

    Cats Name(s): Silentfeather

    Eye colour(s): Light blue

    Description: A silver she with white underfur, dark grey tail tip, paws, and ears. Also has speckles/small dots of arranged greys/blacks/whites on her back.

    Background: A tree root in Meadowclan 

    Clan/Other: Meadowclan

    Expression: Normal (Sorta happy sorta 'eh') So a small smile I guess

    ​Accessories/Other: Nope

    Captions: Nope
  14. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Kai ~ Request sent, enjoy!
  15. glittr_keeper02

    glittr_keeper02 Cats & Videogames. Meow.

    Cat Name: Charredspruce

    Eye Colour: Icy Blue

    Description: My drawing of her is my profile picture.

    Background: Could this picture be looking from behind her (like, we see her tail in the front and head in the back) and her front paws are up on a block of ice, and she's looking up at a white blue-eyed cat. The ground is all snowy.

    Clan/Other: DriftClan

    Expression: Angry

    Accessories/Other: A red burn mark on the left side of her back.

    Captions: "Snowfreeze! Come back to DriftClan!"
  16. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Creeper - Done, if you would like it sent via email, please PM me. Enjoy ~

    Also, news. Now you may send requests (Still ONLY for cats) for not only FL characters, but frankly, any cat, and I'll try my best. It could be a made up character with a lot of accessories, your actual house-cat etc. Thank you!
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  17. glittr_keeper02

    glittr_keeper02 Cats & Videogames. Meow.

    Yay! Thanks Lucy!!

    If you could, just attach it to a post
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  18. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Sorry creeper, I tend to use like, 12-18 layers o-o. So it's too big sorry, if you want it emailed, just contact me in PM.
  19. Spottedleaf0729

    Spottedleaf0729 Member

    Cat Name: Shadedwing

    Eye Color: Deep Amber

    Description: A Tall, long furred dark gray tabby she cat with a silver underbelly and muzzle. Long, feathery tail.

    Background: The EclipseClan mountains, at night.

    Clan/Other: EclipseClan.

    Expression: Sorta... serious.

    Accessories/Other: Maybe a daisy lit by the moonlight... anywhere.

    Captions: Just her name in a fancy script (Lobster is it's being typed, cursive if not.)

  20. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Spotted - Request done and sent! Enjoy x3

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