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May’s movie review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016

Discussion in 'MyFallen.net's Pub of Off-Topica and Randomness' started by Sparta (LiluTheCat), May 4, 2018.

  1. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

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    Hunt for the Wilderpeole is a New Zealand movie directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, What we do in the Shadows)

    To kick start this project, the book review’s distant relative, the movie review! Today I’ll be looking at Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It’s a story about a woman who adopts a troublesome boy (Ricky Baker) who later on runs away with his ‘Uncle’ (Hec) which starts a national man hunt to find them for Ricky is supposed to be in custody of the adoption agency. It’s a hilarious, weirdly profound movie which I highly recommend - we will now get into why!

    The movie starts off, pretty slow paced, but introducing characters that you automatically care for and can’t help laughing at just by an appearance. There’s a montage of the crimes Ricky has committed whilst the adoption lady lists which is not only well shot, the way it is delivered sets up the plot and characters perfectly. I remember seeing that scene and immediately thinking Taika is an absolute genius. There are many, many more shots in the movie that I couldn’t help thinking were amazing. Like a 360 degree spin shot that’s shows around 6 months of scenes in a 2 minute, continuous shot.

    I could honestly go on for years about why this movie is amazing, but I’d be spoiling and boring you. Go watch it - you can find it on Netflix.
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    I've never seen this movie, but it sounds pretty good!
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