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May's Battle of the Month - Mobile Games 2016

Discussion in 'Battle of the Month' started by Kaat, May 2, 2016.


Which game?

  1. Rush Rally 2

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  2. Samurai Rising

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  1. Kaat

    Kaat Retired Retired

    Welcome back to the Arena!

    We have two lovely new games that are expected for May! They are all about mobile devices this month.

    Love to race in awesome cars but you don't have a flatscreen TV nor an Xbox gaming wheel? I don't either! 

    ... Okay, maybe I do BUT -

    Rush Rally 2 creates a realistic world for you to race in, just at the tips of your fingers. Yes, on your phone! There are over 72 tracks to play on and there are eight cars to begin with, more to be created! The game IS finished, with amazing graphics and will be released sometime this month!

    Compatible on iOS, Android and Apple TV.

    Love to fight and wish to become a samurai? Samurai Rising is for you then! It is based off a RPG format, with dialogue and roleplaying elements. Lots of action and surprise attacks to keep you on the edge of your seat! It will be released sometime this month.

    Only for Android.

    Use your vote wisely! 


    info: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/new-product/game/best-new-ios-android-games-coming-in-2016-3639015/
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  2. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    Agh, this was tough to choose, both games seemed really fun!

    I chose Rush Rally 2 though, since it seemed cooler.

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