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Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children- Chapter two

Discussion in 'Human' started by Reeselizz, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Corvus Ingame Moderator Retired

    - - - - - - - - - - Chapter Two - - - - - - - - - -

    When I got into mine and my dads hotel room, I saw a rat climb down a wall and run into a nearby hole. I looked over my shoulder at my dad, he looked back.
    "Is this really where we're staying for the next two weeks?" I asked scared of the answer.
    'Sorry son, but this was the only hotel in Hollow City." My father winked then set down his luggage on the bed. It made a springy sound and wobbled sideways.
    The place looked old and rustic, not like my house back in Maine. My house in Maine had five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a bowling ally, and I had a butler. He was a nice man who always made the nicest meals. We were pretty tight, his name was Andy Carls. Every Monday when I got home he'd make me something we called, "Hope you didn't die at school today". Which was basically just another name for chocolate chip cookies. He knew how much I hated school, I often got picked don but it didn't bother me.
    Anyways, I decided to unpack my clothes, I didn't bother folding them nicely or anything, I had to go find what my grandfather was so obsessed with at this town! I walked into a greenhouse spotting a young girl watering what looked like lavender flowers. I closed the door softly, but the woman heard and turned over her shoulder. "Hello, I'm Kaitlyn. You are?" She said in a neutral tone.
    "Uh, hi Kaitlyn," I gave an awkward smile. "I'm uh, Jacob."
    "Hello Jacob do-" Kaitlyn said before my mouth opened and my mouth threw up words, "Hey, do you know about any peculiar things around here? My grandfather told stories about interesting children." Her eyes widened, I could tell she was astonished on how fast I just spoke.
    "Yes, there is something, interesting here in Hollow City." My jaw dropped, and I stood there for a moment.
    Thanks for reading! Hope chapter two wasn't too boring.
  2. Winn

    Winn Well-Known Member

    Amazing work Reese, I really enjoyed your fan fiction!
  3. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Corvus Ingame Moderator Retired


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