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Moving to P2: A Guide! (Please read!!)

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by ThatOneDolphin, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. ThatOneDolphin

    ThatOneDolphin Retired Retired

    Hi guys, Dolph here! So, as of 29/04/2017, we're beginning to move Phoenix to a new server! So, here's some information you are going to need!

    -Balances were not transferred over. That means you have to start your money from scratch! (As someone with 47 million dollars, this was sad for me.)
    -Your homes weren't transferred. That means you have to go onto P1 and get all of them before the change over, or else they are gone. GONE!
    -Once you get your homes, ask a moderator on P2 to tp you to there, so you can set them again. You will also need permissions for those areas, if they are protected.
    -The change-over is happening soon! You need to do this as soon as possible!

    Good luck on the new Phoenix!

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