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MyFallen: 5 Years old....

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by NoMansLand, Aug 4, 2016.

By NoMansLand on Aug 4, 2016 at 1:53 AM
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    Today is the day we started out. Jehosophat, NoMansLand, and that lovable Scottish woman Queen_of_Scots came together to form MyFallen. At first it was Crysis 2; then Matt_NFFC_Fan introduced us to Minecraft. Phoenix was born two weeks later.

    From humble beginnings of one primary server, that being Phoenix, we expanded again into other games like Left 4 Dead, DayZ, and Team Fortress 2; but still and always, we were MyFallen & Phoenix. MyFallen started out simply enough. One map, one server. Over time our map grew and changed until someone blew it all up. That was me. I got bored of my tree house and blew up the whole map. So we got a new one. Whoops.

    At this time we wanted to see what we could do, how we could expand ourselves out, and we introduced Xtreme, a Survival, Faction, PVP battle world that was based off Phoenix. You could join it by typing: /mv tp Xtreme (Thats' a mouthful huh?). The world eventually died out because of one faction. One horrible evil faction, run by me, took over the world. Their name? TCBA. The Care Bear Alliance.

    Whilst Phoenix was still in her infancy, we had a casino and minigames on there, but it seemed that no one wanted them as people wanted to play and build happily with friends and not worry about that stuff, so Mercury was launched. Mercury became our primary mini-games server; Jehosophat came up with the name, and that name has stuck around for a while.

    Then along came pinkpony180101 who opened our eyes to the world of Warrior Cat RP. Me being me, I wasn't interested. I didn't even want to read the books...Well now I own most of them. Stupid server made me read books. I remember one night I was in Kalgoorlie (10 hr drive from my home city of Perth) reading Into the Wild. Right when I finished the book, I jumped onto my laptop (a Macbook... *shudder*) and read more. Granted I was a bit tired for my job the next morning, but not my fault. That book was interesting.

    So we opened FallenLight. it was off on its own for a bit until we brought it into the MyFallen wings. FallenLight & Mercury were run by the same Community Managers who ran Phoenix. Then after much research we found BungeeCord and Spigot and saw a way that we could bridge them all together into one. Thus the Lobby was born.

    Fun Fact: The lobby was built by Queen_of_Scots & NoMansLand. Jehosophat gave artistic direction (Read: Yelling at us).

    Again we tried another Xtreme with harder maps and different goals; it seemed to work for a bit but again it failed. At this point we started to focus on our 3 servers: Phoenix, Mercury & Forest of FallenLight. Xtreme was brought back again as a Prison server, but sadly that flopped probably due to a terrible map. Sorry. Corvus was eventually brought into the mix as a replacement for Xtreme as a hardcore flat world. It seemed to work; people liked it. But as time went on, it went quiet; we tried to revive it and sadly nothing happened.

    We were faced with a decision, shut it down or have it running and not have anyone use it. Along came pickles (RyLie) who stated that it should be Creative. People love Creative. Editors Note: Kris had been asking for years for a Creative server... and now Corvus is thriving once again.

    Toxic was actually one of our longest planned servers spanning nearly a year in planning. Editors note: Kris forgot about it. It is now one of our uniquely twisted roleplay servers.

    So there you have it. Many stories of MyFallen for 5 years. We still hold some traditions to this day, Naked Santa for one. It started out as a staff joke and has now become tradition for MyFallen.

    To our Current Staff: Thank you for your continued support. Without you we would never have been able to get this far. The Community Management team cannot truly tell you how grateful we are for each and everyone of you; you all work extremely tirelessly to ensure MyFallen runs smoothly day to day.

    To our Former Staff: Thank you for your support and effort helping MyFallen reach this milestone. Your support means the world to us.


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by NoMansLand, Aug 4, 2016.

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