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Mystic Messenger Kids AU Reference Sheet

Discussion in 'Human' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Main Cast:
    Seven (Luciel, Saeyoung, 707) x MC- Sanha Choi
    Yoosung Kim- Ilwoo Kim
    Jumin Han- Mye & Hyun Han
    Zen (Hyun Ryu) x Jaehee (idk why)- Opale & Ji-yeon Ryu
    V (Jihyun Kim) x Rika- Jae Kim
    Saeran Choi- Karai Choi

    Supporting Characters:
    Echo Girl- Jina
    Sarah- None

    Millie (Parakeet)- Mye
    Victoria I (Tortoiseshell Cat)- Hyun
    Elly (White Cat)- Sanha
    Cookie (Peacock)- Opale
    Elizabeth III (White Cat)- Jumin
    Taemin (Pomeranian)- Jae
    Shredder (German Shepard)- Karai

    Background Information:
    Sanha Choi- A bubbly, bright ball of energy and happiness. At only nineteen, he's one of the youngest in the group, but he steps up when he needs to. He runs a toy shop that sells random things he and Saeyoung make.
    Ilwoo Kim- Much like Yoosung, Ilwoo spends most of his time playing games. However, he tries his best to do well on his schoolwork so he can continue that habit. He's also kind and always wants the best for his friends. In addition, he also has a crush on Ji-yeon. He is the second youngest in the group.
    Mye Han- Sister of Hyun Han, she is an employee at C&R International, the family company. She works with Ji-yeon, and the two have a well-developed friendship. She is the second oldest in the group at 20 years old, and is the same age as Ji-yeon.
    Hyun Han- One of the two oldest in the group, at age 22. He is rather serious, much like Jumin, but he does care what others think of him, sometimes a little too much. He wants to be successful and impress his friends. He is the same age as Jae, but he strives to lead the group. He has a crush on Opale.
    Opale Ryu- As she is studying abroad, Opale only ever comes home close to Christmas, and sometimes during other breaks. She is a talented member of the RFA, making money off of YouTube videos. She sends letters back to her friends and family and often calls them over Skype as well. She is 20 years old.
    Ji-yeon- An assistant to Hyun Han and Mye Han at C&R International. She enjoys her job, but dislikes the lack of breaks and the seemingly never ending hard work. Though she procrastinates, she always manages to get her work turned in at the deadline, even if it requires pulling an all-nighter. She is 20 years old.
    Jae Kim- The same age as Hyun, 22. He shares V's love for photography and Rika's people skills. He has a crush on Ji-yeon.
    Karai Choi- Only shows up occasionally. Not much is known about her.
    Jina- A nice girl, really.

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