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Nara's Backstory… (Part One)

Discussion in 'Human' started by sportskitten, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. sportskitten

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    Nara's Backstory…

    Part One;


    Nara's eyes fluttered open as she looked around at the new world. Her eyes instantly were filled with tears as she started wailing. Nara then heard thudded footsteps as her mother walked over and started to cradle her.

    "Sh… it's okay… sweetie…" she mumbled.

    Her father appeared on the other side, his dark green eyes glowing.

    "She's beautiful…" he murmured, kissing Nara's head.

    Her mother hummed a soft tune before putting Nara into a blanket and setting her down in a home-built bed. She flashed a smile before giving Nara's father a glance as they both left the house.


    It's been three weeks since Nara was born to a cannibal mother and cannibal father...~

    Nara was sleeping peacefully in her home-built bed with the blanket wrapped around her. A little ways away stood her father and mother, having a little argument.

    "We can't!" the mother protested.

    The father narrowed his eyes, looking at her sternly, "It's our only choice we have too."

    The mother glanced at Nara, and then back at the father. "Let's just hope we come back alive," she said darkly.

    The father gave her a nod before running out of the house with her.


    It's been a couple days since the father and mother left… They haven't come back yet… Maybe something happened to them..?~

    Nara was flailing her arms and legs around in her home-built bed, bawling her eyes out.

    A voice sounded in the distance, "Come on! We have to go!"

    It sounded like a female.

    "But… Argh fine!" said another voice, sounding like a male this time.

    The two strangers started running. Yet another voice sounded in the distance.

    "Get back here!" they growled, laughing, "I'm not done with you!~"

    The strangers rounded a corner as the female paused.

    "Do you here that, Mark?" she asked.

    Mark rounded the corner a little after her, out of breath, "Hear what, Marie?"

    Marie, the female looked around and spotted Nara in her home-built bed. "There!" she pointed, rushing in by Nara.

    Mark rolled his eyes, "Marie… we should get out of here… those cannibals are going to find us again!"

    "Shush!" Marie scolded, picking up Nara, "This baby… she looks little. And who knows who knows how long she could have been here!" she nuzzled Nara.

    Mark stared at Marie. "No. We're not taking her! She belongs to these… these… cannibals!" he yelled, rage pulsing throughout his body.

    Marie's gaze softened, "Well I'm going to take her in, and you're going to have to deal with it." she said flatly. "Now let's go before those cannibals find us."


    It's been a couple years since Marie adopted Nara as her own child, raising her in Scintari. Mark doesn't seem to enjoy Nara being there…~

    "Happy 10th Birthday, Nara!" Marie smiled, putting a yellow cake batter flavored cake in front of her.

    Nara's eyes sparkled,

    'She got me my favorite flavor!' she thought licking her lips.

    Nara smiled at Marie her adoptive mother, as she blew out the candles.

    Mark crossed his arms and stood by the doorway of the room, frowning. Nara looked up at him with a smile, and Mark instead just left the room. Nara stopped smiling for a moment as she blinked at him.

    'I don't think he likes me…' she thought shaking the thought away.

    She smiled at the cake, cutting out a piece as she started eating it.

    Marie glanced at her fingers and sat down in front of Nara. "Listen… Nara. I've decided that you're old enough to learn about your past…" she started.

    Nara tilted her head and blinked. "Okay, go ahead and tell me."


    Hue end of Part 1.

    (Summary: So Nara was born to a cannibal mother, and cannibal father. They both loved her very much, but after a few weeks after she was born the mother and father were threatened by other cannibals, which caused the death of the mother and father. Nara was then found by a female named Marie, and a male named Mark. Marie decided to adopt Nara and raise her in Scintari. Mark of course dealt with it by frowning A LOT, but when Marie wasn't around… Mark would abuse and hurt Nara. He hated the fact that she was the daughter of two cannibals, even though Nara had no control over where she came from. Then on her 10th Birthday, Marie decides to tell Nara about her past…)

    Uhm so yeah this is Nara's backstory in like… role-play version? It's in Nara's POV, and yEAh.

    idk so just ignore my grammar, spelling, and punctuation? This FanFic is just for fun so yeah.

    and I apologize if things get a little confusing while you read it…… I'm not really good at writing.

    Part 2 coming…. soon???

    Hope you enjoyed reading it :p
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  2. FrosteeLeopard

    FrosteeLeopard Well-Known Member

    PLEASE do a part 2!!! i love this!!!!!
  3. Reeselizz

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    I'm with Frostee, I want a part two!

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