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Neod: W1nn and NerdyCat456

Discussion in 'Town Zoning Applications' started by Winn, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Winn

    Winn Well-Known Member

    Why do you want your town to be an officially recognized town?

    I want NerdyCat456's and my town to be an officially recognized town because Neod is a creative, widespread town of fun buildings and qwerky ideas. This town is full of jokes and humorous people, the large buildings feed curiosity and I think it would be fantastic for the town to be noticed when people first join. Having a warp would help guests and members get to the town much more easily than going to the nearest warp.

    The plan for your town, including how many people you will allow to build there, size, amenities, theme, etc.

    Nerdy and my's plan for the town is to have a wide-stretched area for many people to build homes for a low tax rate each month. We have all the jobs and etc planned out in certain spots of the town, where people can figure out what is best for them. We have a grocery store nearest to the center of the town where people can get fruits, meals etc for a certain amount of money. Neod also has a winding treehouse if you prefer the sky to live in, the tree is more expensive than a regular land home but I do admit it is quite an amazing sight. This town provides two horse ranches on either sides of the town, and more than one vacation home for the travelers that could pass through the town. We can not tell you the size yet, because I will inform you Neod is still growing and the boundaries I could give you would be passed. The theme is not anything particular, it is actually a unique town where you can not meet any standards for certain homes, or what your house has to look like.

    How many people have committed to living in your town. You MUST have at least 5 (including yourself) to be considered for town zoning.

    NerdyCat456, W1nn, Reeselizz, gagder, and Lamp_

    Proposed name of your town.


    Requested warp name if town zoning is approved.

    /warp Neod

    Town Location:

    X: -7077.805 Y: 67.00000 Z: 6211.918

    Town Rules:

    (Have fun reading all these)

    1. Houses can only have two stories, not including a basement.

    2. Dont 'layer' your house, this means don't have one layer brick and the other birch wood.

    3. No one can have a house made completely out of cobble unless its for storage.

    4. No griefing allowed

    5. Ask before joining Neod

    6. Do not trespass on private property

    Thats it, Bye!

  2. NerdyCat456

    NerdyCat456 New Member

    *sneaks into chat* psst... the town name is Norg, not Neod
  3. Halliburton

    Halliburton Phoenix Senior In-Game Manager Staff Member In-Game Moderator Senior In-Game Manager

    I will be contacting soon with a few changes that are necessary. Looks like the start of a nice town though.

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