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[New Download] available in Games! Hoplite

Discussion in 'Downloads' started by Samulis, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Samulis

    Samulis Retired Retired

    File Name: Hoplite

    File Submitter: Samulis

    File Submitted: 31 Dec 2011

    File Category: Games!

    Journey back to Ancient Greece and help defend your city-state against the onslaught of barbarians from all sides! Complete with original isometric-esque graphics, animated trees, and many more features including an original soundtrack, this game will promise you short but rapid gameplay. As it is currently in a BETA stage (alpha test of 1.01), the game is not officially complete. However, downloading it and leaving feedback in the forums or via an e-mail will help it come together.

    Beware: You WILL need a fairly powerful computer to play this game. At least 512 MB of RAM is suggested!

    I would also suggest that you change your video settings so the game is 640x480, windowed (it looks best in that aspect ratio/scale).


    WASD/Arrows OR Left mouse button for movement.

    Left CTRL OR RMB for attack.

    1 and 2 on the keyboard to eat an apple or piece of meat, respectively.

    ESC to bring up the personal menu.

    Click here to download this file
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