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New Mercury contests revealed!

Discussion in 'Mercury' started by Sparta (LiluTheCat), Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

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    Okay, hi
    Here are some Mercury contests that I have discussed with several moderators - there will be a new thread that you can apply for them on.


    First Competition - Design your own game!
    So, we are holding a competition where you draw up and design your own game! This game must have: A possible target. Some sort of elimination of a player. A possible plugin. Be imaginative! This has to be very original - if it has been used very rarely before, that is ok. But if it is something that most people will know, I will not accept it. It must have detailed description - and make sure it's well thought through and exactly what you want. Please send me a ticket via MySupport with your game description, design, and rules. Also, I would like to see an attached drawing of your design. I will take designs from now (23rd January) to 1st March. The winner will get a disguise and a nick of their choice and get to test their game ;) good luck! There will be another thread up soon describing this competition in full and there you can ask questions.

    Second Competition - Monthly game tournament!
    Shall be explained later on ;) hehehhe tricked you
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