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Of Kings and Men, 1230.

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Mythic Gaming, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Welcome to the Kingdom of Poland, 1230 AD. This is a realistic, alternate history roleplay, however major historical events may be included (if any history nerds are out there you may know what's coming in just a few years). The Kingdom of Poland has been prospering lately under the rule of King Wlasowicz (Vla-Sah-Vich), however things may soon come to change. His brother has been brewing discontent in an effort to become the new king of Poland. The ongoing drought has led to mass starvation and caused even more discontent, causing more peasants to rally behind the King's brother, although the nobility still remains with King Wlasowicz due to the brother's promises to the peasants. (The role of the brother is open, I will not favor anyone, it's first come first serve).


    1. No Marry Sues/Gary Stus

    2. The King may only be in power for 4 months, make it well, then he must die, abdicate, or be overthrown

    3. This RP is meant to be realistic, so try to have realistic names and attitudes according to social class or major situation (i.e: Wars, plagues, droughts, etc.)

    4. Don't always have a good, kind, benevolent ruler, yes some medieval rulers were like this, there also were a large amount of average kings, stuck up nobles, and tyrannical, power hungry rulers.

    5. For the sake of not having Nobles everywhere, there are only two families with a maximum of 5 blood members of each house, the House of Jagiellon and the House of Dobrogost.

    6. Everyone must be loyal to a house, such as Jagiellon and Dobrogost, or the King's House Piast (The King’s house may change as new rulers come to power)

    7. Remember that health was not nearly as good back then as it is now, so must people will only live into their 50’s

    (Rules may be subject to change as I develop this more)

    Social Hierarchy

    Many of you may know that in this time period feudalism was a widely used system of rule, and the same still applies in Poland, so here it is from top to bottom

    1. The King & Queen

    2. The Prince (The named heir to the King)

    3. The Pretenders (Pretenders are just all the relatives of the king, including children, that will not legitimately take the throne)

    4. Noble Houses of Lords

    5. The Squire (I will permanently hold this position as I will be using him as a sort of Game Master role)

    6. Wealthy Merchants

    7. Knights

    8. Other Merchants

    9. Peasants (Basically everyone else)

    If you have any other Social Classes then please come to me about it so I can add them to the list

    I would also recommend that you have different characters in different social classes to make sure you get to experience everything the Kingdom of Poland has to offer!

    Changes Over Times

    This RP will be using a time system, and as a result, many things will change over the course of this RP, and make sure not to get too attached to any one character! Death comes easy in this medieval land, whether it be through the forces of time, disease, war, or famine. Every week represents a season, starting in Spring the starting week, moving to Summer, then Fall, and finally Winter, before repeating the cycle. Special events can happen every season, such as a drought or a horrible disease. As a result I recommend you see your character as just that, a character, not a main character, or a special character, just a character in the story of time, dying or living as the world wills. I expect this rp to have a high death count, so be prepared to make a new character before you kill your current one!

    The King

    As the King, I, as the Squire will help you along your 4 month reign. You will be responsible for your Kingdom and solving problems as I present them to you. The King has a lot of power and a lot of autonomy in the RP and as a result can make large effects on his Kingdom. If you are ever unsure about whether or not you can do something as King, shoot me a message and I’ll try to respond as fast as I can! However being King has it’s responsibilities. Do not maneuver your character into a position to take the throne if you know you can’t be on at least 3 times a week. If something has happened in real life, then tell me and we can have a temporary Queen Regency in your absence

    The Queen

    In order to maintain a sense of historical realism, a female will never succeed to the throne unless there is no male heir, whether they be Uncle, Son, Grandson, Brother, or Twice Removed Cousin. But a Queen can still come into power, such as controlling the Kingdom through a son, murdering all other heirs, the King “mysteriously” dying while his son/his only heir is too young to rule, leading to a Queen regency.

    Historical Accuracies

    Many things were different back in the High Middle Age and to keep historical accuracy certain things that are accepted in our time will not be here.

    1. LGBT+: Back in this time period people like this were not accepted, however this does not mean I will not allow it, if your character is LGBT+ then they will have to be secretive about it, as most people who were found out to be LGBT+ back then were often lynched.

    2. Other Races and Religions: Also in this time period was a high level of discrimination against other races and religions, and as I result I request that characters be white and christian/jewish unless they have a very good reason to not be (i.e. Wealthy black muslim merchant let into the country for his wealth).

    3. Heresy: While this takes place over 200 years before the Reformation, there were still many Christian ‘heresies’ practiced, such as Catharism. If you wish your character to be one of these heretics then just make sure they’re secretive about it

    My Characters and Examples

    Name: Wlasowicz Piast

    Social Class: King

    House Loyalty: Piast

    Age: 38

    Religion: Catholic

    Description: He is a somewhat aged man, the stress if Kingship having hit him hard, especially with the drought that has ravaged Polish land for the past year or so. He has graying, blond hair, and a very pale complexion. He has blue eyes and in the face of opposition he can be a staunch leader, and a competent military commander. He has led the Kingdom of Poland for the last 18 years, although his reign may soon end…

    Personality: He is a stubborn man, constantly clashing heads with his nobles, and never one to back down from a duel of honor, making him a skilled duelist. He is quick to anger, and a harsh punisher, although he tends to be fair in his rulings.

    Extra (Optional): None



    Social Class:

    House Loyalty:





    Extra (Optional):
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