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{}Oo~Riddled~o0{} - Part 2

Discussion in 'Human' started by FrosteeLeopard, Jul 25, 2016.

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                       -6 years later, Mallisa is now 16 after telling the first part of her story-

                  When my father woke me up if was FAR to early for any normal teen to wake up.. obviously by that i mean 8:00, which by the way is REALLY early for when i wake up *Cough Cough* 12:00 pm.... I yelled at him "What is it thats so flipping important?!" I get really annoyed when i dont get my 'Beauty' sleep.

            "Just be quiet and follow me i have somthing to show you.." he whispered a fear toned his voice he pulled me to the first floor window which was basicly the entire wall, my father really likes windows... he pointed out the window to a rock right next to his poodle looking shrub "see?" he asked in a bare whisper.

          i put my hand over my mouth tears forming under my eyes, the same green yellow and white snake that bit my mother, staring at us on the boulder its long tongue flicking out every couple seconds, "i dont understand why??" i asked in my cat-like voice but it was muddled with tears

           "i dont know honey-Biscuit.. i dont know..." he whispered squeezing my shoulders.. "im sorry that i had to wake you up Bunny-boo..." 

          I shook my head "No.. no its fine..." i looked up at him and burried my face into his soft wool shirt, one of his poodles Fritz came trotting into the room, sensing the bad vibe in the air and almost intantly came over curling up at my feet (this our only toy poodle) and looked up at me with a sad look

             He stroked my curly auburn hair "Honey-biscuit... i got to go to work... ill be back at 1:00, dont forget you have a math project due.." he sighed one last time before walking away across the deadly silent room, his feet dragging along the floor like weights where attached to them.. i sighed and looked back at the boulder, Snake... gone.. like thin air Poof gone.. i felt the blood rise in my face getting slowly more angery than before, i heard the door slam, Dads gone... good for now... i ran up stairs and opened my closet door in my overly giant room. i need a base-ball bat... yes a bat.. to crush that stupid serpent, for killing MY mom.

               ill continue to tell this story once ive found it...

                    ~Mallisa Reed Carriway

               Look out for part 3!!!!!

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