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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Paintfury, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Paintfury

    Paintfury Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Hey there! Considering the fact that I was just promoted to Forum Moderator and I haven't exactly posted an introduction on here anyway, I decided now was the perfect time to do so! I'll get right into it.


    So, for starters, my name is Morgan! Though I go by Paint online, you can call me whichever you like haha! I've been a fan of Warrior Cats for almost six years now and am fully caught up on the newest series (A Vision of Shadows), which I absolutely am loving. My favorite canon Clan would have to either be SkyClan or WindClan, and my top favorite cats are Hollyleaf, Firestar, Sharpclaw, and Goosefeather. Concerning FallenLight, my main is DriftClan and I am currently roleplaying Batchaser of DC.

    So, more about me! I'm a 15 y/o female that lives in Texas and has quite a large family... I would consider myself to be a friendly person and I'm always open for chatting with anyone or helping those in need. I am absolutely obsessed with paleontology and crime/forensics, and dragons/cats have always been a favorite of mine as well. I aspire to either be some sort of psychologist, forensic worker, or police officer in the future, though you never know when those may change! My favorite subjects are English and Geography, though I'm not the biggest fan of Science and Math (and I'm not very good at them, either). I play piano, guitar, bassoon, and percussion though I recently quit band and don't plan for my music career to go many places (however, playing instruments is fun!). I can be a worry-worm on the inside but mostly try and stay as calm and collected in tense and unexpected situations as possible. Roleplaying has always been a really fun hobby for me, and my characters can switch from cats, dragons, and humans. I'll pretty much roleplay anything or anyone!

    If you know me you know I love the band Pink Floyd. Actually, I love any classic rock music... David Bowie, Queen, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Chicago, and The Rolling Stones are just a few favorites (but again, nothing beats Pink Floyd). I'm not too good with current music but I'd say I do enjoy alternative, so some bands from nowadays I like are Empire of the Sun, Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit, Portugal. The Man, Mumford & Sons, Citizen Cope, and Florence + The Machine. I basically have the music taste of a forty year old so you can probably guess what I like and what I don't like, aha! Switching the topic of TV shows, my all-time favorites are Lost, Dexter, The X-Files, Mr. Robot, Person of Interest, Sneaky Pete, Hannibal, 13 Reasons Why, and Luther. I don't watch many movies but I'm obsessed with How To Train Your Dragon, Air Bud, and Mysterious Skin!

    I'm trying to think of what else I can share.... I have two younger brothers, a step brother and a half brother, and I have four cats and one dog (mixed from house to house). I have brown hair and blue eyes and I stand at 5'5 I think???? I love Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper and absolutely hate water. I literally live off of Coke. Despite dehydration and never going outside, I love talking to people and adding little comments to posts and, all around, just making people feel loved and needed in this community and I hope I'll be able to make some sort of difference here! Again, I'm always open to chat and if you have any problems I'll make sure they're handled. I'll link some places I reside in down below but, apart from that, I think this is the end! Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a little more about me today! Have a good rest of your Forums trip!!!

    WATTPAD: WarriorzLove
    INSTAGRAM: Pa1nty
    KIK: paintnightfury
    DISCORD: Paintyy#2610

  2. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Corvus Ingame Moderator Retired

    Welcome! If you have any questions just let us know! We're all so excited to have you join us!!
  3. Hannahmudkip28

    Hannahmudkip28 Console Games Forum Moderator Retired


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