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Phoenix has people now!

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by NerdyCat456, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. NerdyCat456

    NerdyCat456 New Member

    I know it was an accident, but ever since the lobby shut down and Phoenix was the "alternate" alot of people have given it more of a chance. I've seen a ton more people on Phoenix who never knew how great it was. I hope that at least until the lobby gets fixed more people will get to see what an awesome server it is :D
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  2. Dubstep_x_k1lla

    Dubstep_x_k1lla Retired Retired

    I honestly agree. Even though, a lot of people just join, and then leave
  3. Le Amazing Ocelot

    Le Amazing Ocelot Retired Retired

    True. Both are very true.

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