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Phoenix Needs To Grow

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by Castiel Winchester, May 2, 2015.

  1. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Yes, and not to change this topic into a "Mercury Needs to Grow topic" but I agree with Sammy. But I must admit, for NOW there isn't much purpose for Mercury, as it is being reconstructed. (spawn houses are being re done, ALL game arenas are being re built entirely, bug fixes, plugin updates..) so there isn't a lot you can do, unless you want to talk to me and Pickles or play Spleef, and that can be fun :p Anyway, back onto Phoenix.

    I do see quite a few people on in the mornings (afternoons for Americans), about 5-9 players on. But most people are in party chats, which I think needs to cut down a little. Communication is needed!

    Note; Signs are now available in Mercury spawn, advertising Phoenix, Fallenlight, Corvus, etc.
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  2. Xnoidx5

    Xnoidx5 Member

    It's kinda funny because Zilver started a post on party chats xD.

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